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Wheeler Ultra Scope Mounting Kit Review

Jan 16, 2024 | Reviews

This year we were blessed with the opportunity to receive support from a new sponsor. We met the team at Wheeler Tools at SHOT Show. We had already been using their tools for nearly 20 years. We find them to be handy, portable, and most importantly designed for the hobby gunsmith. As a kid firearm safety organization, one that has many different firearms to offer our gun safety classes for children. There is a good amount of maintenance and upkeep that goes into ensuring all of our firearms are kept in tip-top shape. We have close to 50 different firearms in our inventory, that are in many different action types. This means that we need a wide selection of tools to do what is needed. Wheeler Tools sent us a care package. Part of what was in it was the Ultra Scope Mounting Kit.

It came in a nice molded carrying case, which was perfect for us to keep in the safety van for any changes that could arise. In our Teen Rifle 1 class, we brought online (11) CZ 457 bolt-action rifles. We topped them with Warne Scope Mounts and Vortex Crossfires. This kit gave us everything that we needed to ensure that every component that was utilized worked the way that it was intended and designed. Our goal was to set up every teen who joins us on the range for success. Having the ability to align, tighten to the proper torque setting, and then do a rough bore sight saves us time. With is kit, everything that we need is right at our fingertips.

The Wheeler Ultimate Scope Mounting Kit has everything that you might need to mount your optic on your favorite rifle. It features a scope level that can be used to level your crosshairs to your rifle. There is a level that attaches to the barrel that will ensure that your rifle is plumb. Once both are level, the included Fat Wrench will allow you to torque all of the screws on your scope mounts to the recommended specs by the manufacturer. The kit even includes a thread locker to make sure those screws never back out due to the recoil. Lastly, the kit includes a magnetic laser bore sighter and a lens pen, that you can use to help clean your optic. This will help you get on paper once ready to sight in.

When you sight in as many different rifles or do any maintenance on them as we do, you will find the value of having everything at your disposal, ready to use. This helps save time, increases efficiency, and helps you get back to the fun part, the shooting! The kit does retail for $249.99, this might be a barrier for some, but for those that need all the tools required to mount their scope properly. They will see the value in having a kit that they can throw in a range bag. All in all, this is a quality kit that will last you a long time. It is a kit made by a company that specializes in producing quality tools for gun owners. We are thankful for the support that we have received from Wheeler Tools. You can find this item on their website.

Thank you for reading. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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