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Vaultek XT Review

Mar 21, 2024 | Reviews

One of our title sponsors is Vaultek Safe. They are an industry leader when it comes to secure storage. They combine security, technology, and truly innovative designs. We originally met the team from Vaultek back in 2019 at an event in Washington. It was there, that I first learned about their amazing secure storage options. They soon after sent us one of their VS 20i models. It is and always has been that gun safety education for children and secure storage go hand in hand. We believe that as parents, you must securely store your firearm when you are NOT directly in control of it. This does a few things. It will help prevent your child from coming in contact with your gun and also make it harder for a criminal to steal your firearm. The technology that Vaultek utilizes gives you the ability to stage a loaded firearm and then gives you instant access in less than a second.

Vaultek came on board last year as one of our title sponsors and we are thankful for their continued support. In every gun safety class for children that we teach, we use the XT model to safely and securely transport our handguns for the class. This model, the way that it is configured holds up to (5) handguns and (10) empty magazines. What makes this model innovative is how it can be configured in many different ways. It is all up to the end-user on how they decide to set it up. It gives you the ability to keep your equipment secure and organized at the same time. There is even a lid organizer that features some zippered compartments. I keep an AirTag and an extra battery in the different pockets. The Vaultek XR is powered by a 9-volt battery and features 3 ways to gain access to your firearms. There is a biometric scanner, in which you can program up to 20 different fingerprints in it. There is a numeric code that you could enter as a backup or in a worst-case scenario, like a dead battery. There is a key backup. The outside of the case features 2 latches on the outside that help keep the case air and watertight. It does float as well for all of you gun owners who like to go boating, wink, wink, nod, nod!

This is a great product for those who like to keep their guns protected and organized on their way to the range. The Vaultek XT will keep them protected and ready to use when it’s time. As an important reminder, secure storage only works if you use it habitually. Also, make sure that your children know what to do if they ever come across an unsecured firearm. We are thankful for the continued support that we have received from Vaultek and look forward to many years of continued service together. You can find this product or many other models of secure storage on their website.

Thank you for reading. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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