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Vaultek Lifepod Review

Jan 30, 2024 | Reviews

We are lucky to work with many of the best manufacturers in the industry. Vaultek came on board last year as one of our title sponsors. We have used their products solely since 2019, even before they became a sponsor. Mostly because we believe in the product. They are by far the best option for secure storage, period. Last week I made my way to Las Vegas for SHOT Show. The show allows me to have face-to-face meetings with all of our partners. On my trip, I brought my Glock 48 for my safety. Normally when I travel, I use a small Pelican case. It does what I need it to do but is bulky and heavy. For that reason, every trip that I go on, I always have an overweight baggage charge. On this trip, I decided to try something different. I used the Vaultek Lifepod instead. The Lifepod is TSA-approved and is a good choice for those who travel with a gun for personal protection. My decision immediately shaved pounds off of my luggage. I was happy about that!

The Vaultek Lifepod that I used for my trip is the same one that I demo in all of our firearm safety classes for children that we teach. It is a small, portable way to keep your firearm secure. It is powered by a 9-volt battery and features 2 external locking clasps. These help seal the case. There is a gasket that helps seal the vault and to keep the contents dry. It is waterproof and is the perfect secure storage option for those who have a more active lifestyle. It gives you the ability to pre-program a 4-digit code to prevent unauthorized access. Here is a pro tip, no matter what case I use to secure my firearms. I always put an Apple AirTag in the case. This gives me the ability to track everything on my phone for my comfort.

The Lifepod that I used was a small version and it did limit the size of my handgun. I was able to fit the Glock 48 + 3 magazines in it. It was a tight fit, but I was able to get all that I needed in there and it was protected. Vaultek has a wide variety of secure storage options. On their website, you will find one perfect for your security needs. They only work if you use them though. We do recommend that you practice retrieving your firearm. Make sure the handgun is clear and unloaded. Then practice opening it and gaining access to your handgun. What we like about the Vaultek safes, is that you can stage your handgun for home defense ready to go. Yet keep it out of the reach of your children or a criminal. The safe is useless unless you use it!

When I checked in at the airport for both of my flights, I made sure to declare to the agents that I had a firearm. I typically show up early for my flight just in case I have any issues. The agents looked at the Lifepod and were good with my choice for a travel case. What I appreciated was how I was able to bring what I needed with me while not carrying an extra 5 pounds. It helped me streamline things and still be TSA-compliant. It was a win-win. One thing that I might do differently in the future is to go with a larger Lifepod. This will help me carry a larger more capable firearm like my Glock 17, instead of the Glock 48. This would be my option as I travel to different parts of the country, especially where there are higher rates of violent crime. Having a larger, more capable firearm will be key to my safety.

The Vaultek Lifepod retails for $109 on their website. The battery life is good for over 1 year. Part of the prepared lifestyle is maintenance on all of your equipment. I have maintenance schedules for every tool that I use for my personal protection. This model is their entry-level model, but you can find their complete line of secure storage options on their website.

Thank you for reading. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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