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Savior Equipment Specialist Range Bag Review

Apr 25, 2024 | Reviews

We are always looking for a good way to safely and securely transport equipment to and from the range. In the past, we have used other manufacturers and I was searching for a new range bag recently. I came across the Savior Equipment Specialist Range Bag and from the information on their website, this bag looked like it could meet our needs. What I liked about it at first glance was how we could transport at least (3) full-size handguns with all of the other gear that we need to the range, securely. I placed the order and within a few days, there was a box on my front doorstep. What I really liked about the packaging was that there were small targets printed on the inside of the box. I could only imagine this is so the boxes could be repurposed as targets after the unboxing. This is a pretty cool feature of the packaging.

Once unboxed, my first impressions of the rage bag were high quality, spacious, and it fit our needs perfectly! As I began to set up the range bag for our use on the range, I was able to fully customize it to our needs. We travel a lot, and having the ability to transport equipment securely and safely is very important. What I liked about the Specialist Range Bag is how it doesn’t look too “tactical.” As we travel for our gun safety classes for kids, we are constantly in and out of hotels, and being able to transport equipment discretely is important. What is truly great about this bag is the price and what you receive for that price, with a retail of $109.99. You get great value for your money. The bag is well-designed and features quality construction. The materials that went into the design will last a long time. It comes with (3) customizable pistol sleeves. It comes with (3) but is advertised to be able to hold up to (6) pistol sleeves.

In any nylon range bag, the weak points are typically the zippers. The zippers on this bag seem to be very durable and also feature the ability to lock them. This will help you with securing the firearms that you are transporting. There is an adjustable divider that helps you customize the interior of the main compartment. This will help you remain organized and keep all of your gear close at hand. The (3) pistol sleeves that are included are perfect for keeping your handguns protected and with the included tags, you can use a Sharpie to list what handgun is in what sleeve. I love this feature. In one pocket, there is a spot to hold your magazines. The Specialist Range bag comes with a detachable, padded shoulder strap, which is a great addition to this bag. All in all, you will NOT find a better-range bag for the money. We highly recommend this product. This is one of the first bags that we have purchased from Savior Equipment and it definitely won’t be the last. You can find more of their high-quality products on their website.

Thank you for reading! ZERO firearm accidents are the only acceptable goal!!®


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