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Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Review

May 22, 2024 | Reviews

Last year we received a grant from Cabela’s that was earmarked to benefit our Teen Program. We are thankful for their continued support and chose to use the proceeds to invest in new pistols for the Teen Pistol program. This purchase came at the height of the Measure 114 debacle that was going on within the State of Oregon. While the Teen Pistol class was still in development, we couldn’t take a chance with the uncertainty of this unconstitutional law. There was a chance that if implemented, we would be prevented from even purchasing new firearms without jumping through many hoops. This made us very uncomfortable and so we made the executive decision to make this capital investment. We purchased (10) Ruger Mark IV 22/45 pistols. We bought quality and focused on growth. The pistols were situated in a Pelican case. These pistols were a perfect addition to our gun safety classes for kids.

What makes the Ruger 22/45 so great is the functions. The magazine release, the safety, and the slide lock all function similarly to the most common handguns on the market. This helps with the training process. We prefer to start with the 22-long rifle because it has very little recoil. This is perfect for new or younger shooters. The decibel levels produced by the 22 l.r. are lower so it makes the rimfire more comfortable to shoot. The benefit to the teens is now they are learning the proper safe gun handling all while teaching them in a way that the training can be replicated on a different platform when they are older. These pistols are great teaching tools and feature adjustable sights plus a rail to mount an optic too. This gives us the flexibility to upgrade to red dots if we see fit over time. Red dot sights are increasing in popularity as the technology evolves and more options are coming to the market. If you haven’t tried shooting with a red dot, we highly encourage you to try it. The last feature that we prefer about the Ruger Mark IV 22/24 is the threaded barrel. The threaded barrel allows us the flexibility to either add a compensator or a suppressor.

We did a fundraiser that allowed us to upgrade our equipment in preparation for the Teen Program. In that fundraiser we did raise enough to add (10) HUXWRX Rad 22 cans. These are perfect for our CZ 457 bolt action rifles and the Ruger 22/45’s. There are so many benefits to the shooters by shooting suppressed, that they SHOULD be deregulated under the NFA. The suppressor, added to the pistol makes a comfortable and accurate platform for the teens to use during our classes. The Ruger Mark IV 22/24 is easy to disassemble and maintain. This is a huge value add to the important work that we do. We highly recommend the Ruger Mark IV if you are looking for a handgun that will last you a long time and you can grow with over time. You can find more information on the Ruger website.

Thank you for reading! ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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