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RRS SOAR Tripod Review

May 2, 2024 | Reviews

Last year when we were building a custom rifle for the Adaptive part of our program. We were very selective with the parts that we added to this particular rifle. The form had to meet the function. We built a solid rifle with the support of some great partners. Once built, we needed a way to safely secure and support the rifle for our young shooter. He is blind and there are quite a few moving parts involved, so having a rock-solid support system was important. I did quite a bit of research on the topics of bi-pods. We at the time had a Bog Pod tripod, but it struggled with the weight of the rifle and we had to attach small bungee cords to the legs to prevent the muzzle from eventually pointing at the ceiling. This was a major safety concern for us.

I ended up reaching out to the team at RRS (Really Right Stuff.) They are an industry leader in tripod manufacturing. I told them about what we were trying to accomplish as an Organization. They were glad to be part of the project. They sent us one of their TRCT Tripods. Once it arrived I was impressed with its construction. It is a full carbon fiber tripod with an adjustable swivel head, that features an ARCA style clamp. If you are not familiar with the ARCA rail, you should check it out. We are in the process of adapting many of our rifles to this platform. This will help us adapt these particular rifles to this very tripod. The tripod features rubber feet that work perfectly on any surface. The carbon fiber legs are easy to adjust plus lock securely with a twist lock feature. Once you have the tripod set where you want it, you can easily mount your rifle with the ARCA lock. There is a safety mechanism that will prevent your rifle from accidentally being released from the mount.

Once mounted there is a lever that will allow you to lock and unlock the head. There is a bubble level attached to the level that will tell you when the rifle is level. This is another great feature and all of these little features add up as a value add to this system. The TCFT Tripod is not cheap by any means and with a retail of $1550, you do get great value for your money. Another benefit of this tripod system is the weight. Carbon fiber and aluminum construction add strength and portability. This is a really great piece of kit and we are so thankful for their support and belief in this very important project. Range day came along and we were able to put our RRS tripod to work. It worked flawlessly and was a tremendous asset on the range. It held the rifle steady, securely, and most importantly safely! Our friend was able to participate like any other child, he was successful, he had fun, and he showed the world that the blind can shoot if given the opportunity. If you are looking for a nice tripod, we can’t recommend the TRCT Tripod by RRS enough. Especially because of the quality and their support of our program. You can find out more information on their website.

Thank you for reading! ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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