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Radian Raptor Kit Review

Apr 19, 2024 | Reviews

Since 2019 we have used an Aero Precision M4E1 AR15 in all of our Kids Firearm Safety 1 classes. This is the official rifle of the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation. In our gun safety classes for children, we teach the families factual information regarding this platform. The biggest challenge that we always face is the amount of misinformation associated with the semiautomatic rifle. This rifle is America’s rifle with over 40 million in the hands of law-abiding citizens. It is during our Kids Firearm Safety 1 classes that we demo the rifle, we talk about nomenclature, and lastly, we talk about all of the functions of the many different components that make up the AR15. One group of parts that we focus on is the safety selector and the charging handle. The previous selector that we had on the M4E1 was a black one. The black with black backdrop of the black receiver made it difficult for the crowd to see the functions.

We saw that this could be an issue so we decided to see what options were available for different colors on the Radian website. Once there I did notice a new limited edition set that was coming out in cooperation with Tam Lan. This Raptor safety selector and charging handle features a white Topographical laser engraved design on it. Since we are from the PNW we already use Topo on all of our business cards and rack cards. I felt that this was a perfect match for what we were trying to accomplish. The goal was to continue to use the Raptor controls but also set them up in a way that it would be easier for the crowd to see them function. We use the Radian Raptor safety selector and charging handle on every rifle that we use. They are by far the best-functioning parts available for this platform.

I placed the order and within a few days, the set was at my door. Once they arrived I took the rifle completely down to perform a maintenance check. Since this rifle is the one that is used in every gun safety class for kids that we teach, there were some parts to inspect and maintain. I removed the old selector and set it aside. What I really like about the Raptor selector is how it can be set up as a 45 or 90-degree throw. I always set them up on the 45-degree throw. This allows me to engage and disengage the safety faster when on the range. Many who are proficient with this platform do the same and as long as you practice proper trigger discipline, it is completely safe this way. One thing you will need to be mindful of while installing the safety is the spring detent!! These detents are infamous for launching into orbit if they get out of your control and I have lost many over the years.

The next part that I upgraded was the charging handle. I always use the Radian Raptor charging handle. It is high quality, easy to use, and very effective. The charging handle is used to load and unload the rifle. It is always important to set up your rifle so that you can activate the safety selector or the charging handle ambidextrously. The Radian Raptor gives you this option on both and is another reason why we are a big fan. All in all, they are great Oregon-made products and we highly recommend that you check them out. You can find more information about the Radian Raptor safety selector and charging handle on their website.

Thank you for reading! ZERO firearm accidents are the only acceptable goal!!®


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