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Pelican 1646 Case Review

Jun 27, 2024 | Reviews

A few years ago, we bought a Pelican 1646 for a trip that could contain ALL the necessary gear that we might need for our gun safety classes for kids. We needed the ability to protect and transport our Aero Precision M4E1 rifle plus a few other important items. While searching the Pelican website, we settled on the 1646. We were looking for a case that would have wheels for transport, and a handle to make moving around easier. The case is big and fits the bill for all that we were trying to accomplish. We needed the case to hold the rifle, a few handguns, magazines, a suppressor, and lastly our projector. We wanted a self-contained kit that made our travels easy and efficient. This Pelican 1646 is well-built and it is very roomy.

Once it arrived I reached out to Carolina Custom Foam, they are a leader nationally in the custom foam industry. We were thankful for their belief in the work that we are doing and donated their services to our cause. I will do a review next week on the custom foam and it is truly a work of art! When we travel with firearms, security is really important. We need the finishes of our different firearms to be protected as well. A custom foam insert was important to keep everything contained. We set out to design custom foam that did all that we needed and also was “artsy.” The foam turned out great and we can’t wait to show you next week.

The Pelican 1646 isn’t cheap, typically when you step up into a case of this size you will pay a premium price. What you get for your investment is durability, security, and innovation. Being a case that will go on an airplane, having a purge valve that will help stabilize its contents. This is an important value added to the price. It features 5 locking latches and 2 tabs for your locks. We have a trip to the Midwest coming up next month and we look forward to putting this case to work. All in all the Pelican 1646 is perfect for what we do, you can find out more information on their website.

Thank you for reading. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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