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Pelican 1605 Case Review

Jul 3, 2024 | Reviews


In the past few weeks, we have done a few different reviews on the many different Pelican cases that we employ to help us protect all of the many different pieces of equipment that we use in our program. This week we will be covering the all-important Pelican 1605 case. This one is utilized with a custom foam insert that securely and safely contains our (10) Ruger Mark IV 22/45 pistols. Last year we received a grant from Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s to invest in our Teen program. At the time there was a piece of really bad legislation that potentially prevented us from even being able to purchase a firearm. As a Board, we made the tough decision to invest earlier that we wanted to hedge our bets against a worst-case scenario. We decided to invest in (10) Ruger Mark IV 22/45s that will eventually be used in our upcoming Teen pistol classes. We bit the bullet and invested in our program.

Once all (10) arrived, we went through the background check and took possession. We then set out to find a case that can keep everything contained together. We came across a foam company that made an insert that could hold all of our pistols with the magazines associated. Once we settled on the foam we purchased the Pelican 1605. Once it arrived we were able to insert the foam and then place our pistols, with the corresponding magazines in a locking, durable case. The 1605 is like many of the others that we have in our inventory. It is TSAapproved, and features (5) latches that keep the case air and watertight. There is also a purge valve, which will help stabilize the interior of the case depending on the altitude of the case. This is important when flying. This case will also prevent moisture from building up on the inside of the case. Rust is a serious problem for firearms. We always wipe down with a cleaner after each use. This helps keep our equipment in good, working order and helps protect our investment.

We got the Pelican 1605 case set up just the way that we needed. Every pistol in the case was laser engraved with a number for our internal auditing processes. Lastly, we always add an Apple AirTag to all of our cases. This helps us keep a watchful eye on all of our equipment. This is part of the process of being a responsible gun owner and a safety Organization. We will do a review of the case foam next week and will also do a review of the Apple AirTags in a subsequent review. You can find out more information on the Pelican 1605 case on their website.

Thank you for reading. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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