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Pelican 1450 Case Review

May 10, 2024 | Reviews

We have used many different Pelican cases over the years. In our opinion, they are some of the finest cases for the money that you can buy. In this review, we will focus on the newest case that we recently purchased to keep our ammo protected. We already have (1) Pelican 1450 to hold our ammo, which is preloaded in ammo boxes secure and protected. In our Kids Firearm Safety 1 classes, we like to have 1000 rounds of 22 long rifle loaded and ready to go. The issue is that our gun safety classes for children have become so popular that we are going through the 1000 rounds that we originally had prepared. So the solution was to set up a backup case with another 1000 rounds, ready just in case. One thing about The Pelican cases is that they can be pricey but, we do believe that you “get what you pay for.” We prefer to make the purchase right the first time.

We ordered a new Pelican 1450 online. The retail price was $152 shipped to our door. What I like about the interior of these types of cases is that the foam is pluck-able. This means the foam is pre-scored so you can customize the interior to your needs. The Pelican 1450 is the perfect case for smaller items and can be stacked on other cases. Ridges on the bottom of the case help prevent it from sliding. Another great feature for those who prefer to buy quality instead of quantity. In our case, we keep (10) 3D-printed ammo boxes that we have loaded, ready to dispense ammo quickly, efficiently, and accurately. It is our goal to hand out the ammo quickly, so the kids can load their magazines and get back to having fun quickly. The less time spent loading the more time that we have to shoot. When we are on the range, keeping extra ammo in a secure case helps prevent young fingers from getting into things that they really shouldn’t until they are directed by our trained staff.

The Pelican 1450 is a TSA-approved case that is waterproof and impact-resistant. It features (2) latches, an oversized rubberized grip, and can be locked. There is a pressure seal, which helps stabilize the pressure inside of the case if you ever fly with it. Once set up, we added another 1000 rounds loaded up and ready to pass out when it’s time. We like to keep our ammo protected from inclement weather as well. If you are looking for a good case, depending on the application, we highly recommend Pelican Cases. They manufacture a complete line of cases from firearms or anything else you may own that you would like to keep protected. You can find their complete line of high-quality cases on their website.

Thank you for reading! ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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