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Magpul Bipod Review

Jan 15, 2024 | Reviews

We are starting a new series on the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation’s website. We will now be offering product reviews of the many products that we utilize in our gun safety classes for children. Some of these products were donations and some were paid for by our organization. This will not affect the information that we present to you, the reader. That being said, these will be honest reviews about the many different pieces of equipment that go into keeping children safe. The first product that we are going to review out of the gate is the Magpul Bipod.

We have been using these bipods for the past few years. We were honored enough to receive a donation of (11) of them directly from Magpul. They make a few different models, one is for the M-lok type attachment to your rifle or there is a model that attaches to the sling swivel mount. These are the ones that we received from them. One of our biggest challenges previously was having a way to keep the muzzle securely oriented in a safe direction, while making it easier for young children to be able to learn how to shoot. What makes this difficult is age, body type, and experience level. These bipods have been a great addition to the rifles that we run on the range. Out of the box, they don’t require any tools to install. It is easy to loosen the thumbscrew which opens the jaws that secure the bipod to the rifle. Once attached two push-button locks allow you to fold the legs up and out of the way for storage reasons or when the bipod isn’t in use. One thing that we will mention, it is easier to attach the bipod when the legs are folded down due to where the thumbscrew is located.

On the model that we received, there is a separate thumbscrew that allows the user to cant the rifle in 2 different directions to customize the rifle to fit the shooter. I feel that this is a cool feature of these bipods. They also feature adjustable legs that allow you to raise the height of the rifle to keep the sights level while shooting from a seated position on a bench. This will ensure a level trajectory of the round towards the target. If you look at the market for bipods you will find that they will vary in price depending on the manufacturer. Some can run up to $600+ depending on the options and application. Precision rifle bipods can fetch a premium. It is my thought on the Magpul Bipod, that it provides great value to the consumer if you are budget-minded. Being a polymer-based piece of equipment, it isn’t as affected by the elements as other bipods may be. The fit and finish are great. This bipod, for the money, will be a great add-on to your rifle and will help stabilize it.

We use these in every Kids Firearm Safety 2 class and Teen Rifle 1 class that we do. It gives us the ability to stabilize the rifle, adjust it to fit, and help set up the children for success, safely! With easy-to-attach and take-off when we are done with class, they have been a tremendous asset to the work that we do. We have been using them for nearly 2 years now with ZERO issues and for the retail price of $129.95, you get a lot of bang for your buck. We are thankful for their support of the work that we do. You can find the Magpul Bipod on their website. Thank you for reading. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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