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HUXWRX Rad 22 Review

Feb 14, 2024 | Reviews

A few years ago we did a fundraiser for our gun safety classes for kids. We raised nearly $20,000 to benefit our Teen program. The money that we raised came in the form of cash and products. We had some great sponsors that helped make this dream, a reality. The goal was to outfit (10) new rifles with scopes, and suppressors. There was a lot of research that went into the planning part of this project. We wanted to make sure the money that we did spend was spent well. Once we settled on the CZ 457, we looked for optics, and then we settled on the HUXWRK Rad 22 suppressor to complete the package. During the fundraising campaign, we were able to get the help that we needed from our previous partners.

Sporting Systems helped us with gathering a few different sponsors for this project. One that stepped forward to help us out was HUXWRK Safety Co. They donated (4) of their Rad 22 cans. The only negative to adding suppressors to our organization was all of the paperwork associated with the ATF because the cans are highly regulated under the NFA. It can take over a year to be cleared, ours took around 15 months to clear. Once approved we were able to take them to the range recently, for our Teen Rifle 1 class. If you don’t know what a suppressor is or what it does. We will break it down for you. The HUXWRK Rad 22 is a direct thread suppressor. Some suppressors will offer a quick detach feature, but these do not.

Once you shoot a rifle suppressed you will be hooked. The benefit of using suppressors while in our gun safety classes for children is that it makes the experience more enjoyable. The Rad 22 helps reduce the report from the rifle up to 12 decibels, depending on the ammo type used. The way the the Rad 22 is designed, it also features a flow-through design which helps limit the exposure to noxious gasses created during the firing sequence. This is a big deal for us. We work hard to mitigate all risks associated with gun safety for kids. Preventing lead exposure and exposure to the gasses is important to us as an organization. Once attached to the rifles the Rad 22 is an asset to our Teen Rifle 1 classes. It gives us the ability to use quality products and technology to teach the next generation important safety principles.

The Rad 22 features a baffle system that suppresses the gases created during the firing sequence and directs them down the barrel, away from the shooter. This helps quiet the gun and will lower the velocity of the projectile as it leaves the muzzle. This helps keep the range quieter increasing the fun for all in attendance. This will help reduce the felt recoil of the rifle, which is already low because we are shooting rimfire. It is common for families that join us on the range to have some sort of apprehension because this may be a new experience for them. Having a rifle that is more comfortable to shoot because the song of the report is being reduced is a huge plus for us. As we write this review, it is hard for us to picture any negative thoughts on why we added suppressors to our program. I guess the only one would be that we had to pay $200 per can to the ATF as a tax just to be able to protect the hearing of those in attendance at our gun safety classes for kids. If the government was smart it would make it easier for civilians to be able to protect their hearing, because shooting unsuppressed is uncivilized. Just ask the Europeans, they know! You can find out more information about the HUXWRK Rad 22 on their website.

Thank you for reading. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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