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F.A.T. Stix Preset Torque Wrench Review

May 16, 2024 | Reviews

When you have over 60 firearms associated with the Organization, you spend a lot of time on maintenance and upkeep. The Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation is very fortunate to have great sponsors who believe in the work that we do and provide us with the necessary tools to make the work easier. Wheeler Tools sent us a care package recently. In that care package was this handy kit. The F.A.T. Stix Preset Torque Wrench kit is high-quality and well-designed. It features preset torque settings that will help you properly tighten the different parts of your firearms to the manufacturer’s specifications. The kit is self-contained in a pocket-sized carrying case.This kit is perfect for you to add to your range bag. Ready at a moment’s notice to help ensure everything stays where you need it. Quite often heavy recoiling rifles can cause improperly torqued screws to come loose affecting your ZERO. Typically whenever I mount a new scope, I incorporate red or blue loctite on all screws before they are torqued down.

In our gun safety classes for children, we are constantly checking and rechecking the conditions of all of the rifles that we use on the range. We like having the ability to torque all of the mounts down and then trusting that the different parts won’t come loose. The F.A.T. Stix Preset Torque Wrench kit is perfect for this and gives us piece of mind, so we can focus on all of the other responsibilities that we have. Saving time and being efficient with the time that we do have is important. This set features 15, 25, 35, 45, and 65 inch-pound torque limiters, which prevent you from over-tightening your screws. It also features a comfortable T-handle that allows you to apply the appropriate amount of pressure. Included in the kit is a small selection of bits, plus an extension that makes scope mounting a breeze. All in all, if you are in the market for an important piece of kit, the F.A.T. Stix Preset Torque Wrench kit gives you great value for your money. The retail price is $99.99, but you get what you pay for.

As gun owners, we spend a lot of money on our firearms, they are investments as well as tools depending on your purpose. Keeping them properly maintained and safe working order is all part of being a responsible gun owner. Protecting your investment by having quality tools to help you with this process is important. Wheeler Tools has a complete line of gun-smithing tools on its website. No matter what type of firearm you own, you will find the right tools for the job there. We are thankful for their continued support of our program. Their tools help keep all of our equipment in good working order, safely. You can find out more about the different selection of tools that they offer on their website.

Thank you for reading! ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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