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Digital Crosshair Review

Mar 28, 2024 | Reviews

We have been using the DFOV Digital Crosshair for a few years now. We bought this Digital Crosshair when we were searching for a way to help our good friend Ryker, shoot with all of the other kids. Ryker is vision-impaired and we needed a way to allow him to shoot a rifle, safely just like any other kid. After an extensive web search, we came across the DFOV Digital Crosshair. It gave us the option to attach a camera to the scope and broadcast what the crosshairs were viewing to an attached screen. This mounts securely to the rifle with a little bit of effort and helps normalize the firing sequence for a very special young man. The first time that he and his family joined us on the range. We used a Ruger American 22lr attached to a tripod, that had a laser attached to the rifle. The laser helped his spotter, who was his father align the sights on the target and see where he was pointed for everyone’s safety. It was during this first gun safety class for children, that we quickly realized what we needed in a platform to make this experience better for him and his dad.

We bought the Digital Crosshair and then set out to build the perfect rifle for this important project. We started with a CZ 457 rimfire rifle. We dropped the CZ action into an MDT Tactical Chassis, then added a Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel for extreme accuracy. On top of the rifle, we added an Area 419 scope rail, and American Rifle Manufacturing scope rings with the bridge. The last component of this build was the Vortex optics scope. All components worked seamlessly together to ensure Ryker could do what any other kid could do, safely. What really liked about this setup is how it gave us a solid platform to attach all of the equipment necessary to attach the Digital Crosshairs.

The scope rings feature a Picatinny rail which allows the screen to be attached on top of the scope. It does give you the ability to swivel the screen for easy viewing and then it can be locked in position. There is a quick detach cable that runs from the screen to the camera system and is securely attached to the rear objective. It prevents typical aiming of the scope because it prevents the shooter from looking through the crosshairs. There is also a small rechargeable battery pack that powers the entire system that will attach to the stock. is a small camera inside of the component that projects the image onto the screen. So what is seen in the scope is seen on the scope. This is very helpful in our situation because it gives Ryker’s dad the ability to safely put the crosshairs on the target. He then will help direct Ryker by hand signals on his shoulder. Then once ready, Ryker will take the gun off of SAFE and then press the trigger.

It is an amazing sight to behold and be a part of. The DFOV Digital Crosshairs is a great piece of kit. It gives us the ability to give every child the same opportunity that every child gets with us. We are thankful to all of the sponsors who helped us build this rifle to give Ryker the experience of a lifetime. Safety has no bounds if you are determined enough. You can find out more information about the Digital Crosshairs on their website.

Thank you for reading. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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