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CCI Blazer Review

May 30, 2024 | Reviews

Over the years, we have used many different brands of 22 long rifle. We have shot an estimated 35k-40k rounds through our rifles over the years. We have used a wide variety of bullet weights and velocities. One brand that rose to the top was the CCI Blazer 22lr. We find that this round is reliable, and has low rates of malfunctions. At the beginning of our program, there was a lot of trial and error that led us to this position. Once we found a round that worked across all of the different firearms that we use on the range. We have found that the Blazer ammo is perfect for our gun safety classes for children. The guns go “Bang” when we need them to in a safe and controlled environment. This helps us teach important safety protocols and keep all of the kids on the same round count. This ensures every rifle ends up “Clear” at the same time. This helps keep all of the kids on the same page for safety reasons.

On any given month we shoot at least 1000 rounds while on the range. Another factor that we weigh in the decision-making part of what type of ammo we want to incorporate into our range program is the price. Pennies add up to dollars when you shoot as much rimfire ammunition as we do. We found the CCI Blazer in the middle of the road, price-wise. Before every class, we set up our custom ammo boxes with Blazer ammo. It is a tedious and time-consuming task. One that makes my hands hurt. They cramp up because of how I have to hold the bullets as I preload the boxes. It is a real pain in the you-know-what, but it helps us efficiently pass out the ammo while in class.

The CCI Blazers that we use is a 40-grain, round-nose bullet. The muzzle velocity will vary between the different barrel lengths of the rifles that we use. These rounds also work well when the rifle is suppressed. It is a great benefit to us as an organization to have a round that is very utility. Having to switch rounds depending on what class we were teaching would have been a challenge. Standardizing our rounds has been a huge bonus for us. We now can just grab an ammo box, head to the range, and the guesswork about what ammo to use is gone. It has helped streamline our processes. This helped us increase our efficiency. The less time we spend worrying about the details helps us focus on more important things, like having fun teaching gun safety classes for kids. All in all, we like the CCI Blazer ammunition, you can find out more information on their website.

Thank you for reading! ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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