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Birchwood Casey Shoot N C Targets Review

Mar 13, 2024 | Reviews

We are thankful to have received support from Birchwood Casey since 2018 as a Sponsor. We shoot their Shoot N C targets exclusively because of the value that they provide us and the children who attend our gun safety classes for kids. What we like about these targets is how the kids can see the hits on their targets in real time. These targets come with either a high-viz neon yellow background or a neon pink background. The perspective background is a black target covering. This creates a high contrast when a projectile punches through the target. This helps the kids see where they are hitting and they can adjust their point of aim. This is helpful and helps them boost their confidence quickly. Another feature of these targets is that you can peel the target off the backer like a big sticker and stick it to a separate cardboard or other backer. This adds versatility to these targets.

When we set up the range for our Kids Firearm Safety 2 classes and our Teen Rifle 1 classes. We typically alternate the neon yellow and the neon pink targets. This helps the children identify their targets while they are out on the line. Once ready each child will shoot in unison, once given the command. What makes this process fun is when we see up to 10 rifles go off at the same time and you can see the hits on the target. It is quite often, that one the rifles are put back into the safe position. The kids will look back over their shoulders to celebrate their accomplishments with their parents. It is an incredible sight to behold. Time spent on the range with the families is a great way for them to bond and learn important life skills in a controlled environment. We are thankful for the support that we receive from great companies that produce quality products.

One of the greatest features of these targets is that once there are many holes in the targets. We can shut down the range and the families can go up and see the impacts. They can celebrate the child and then they can paste stickers on the holes. Each target features many black stickers and neon stickers that are best for the bullseye. This gives the kids the opportunity to paste the stickers, so their targets will become like new. Then we repeat the process over and over again. If you are looking for quality targets that are perfect for newer or younger shooters. We highly recommend the Birchwood Casey Shoot N C Targets or many of the other targets that they feature on their website. They also have an expansive line of gun-smithing tools and cleaning equipment, you can find out more information on their website.

Thank you for reading. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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