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American Rifle Company M-Brace Review

Jun 5, 2024 | Reviews

Last year, while we were building that custom CZ 457 rimfire rifle for our good friend Ryker. I reached out to American Rifle Company to see if they could help us out with this project. We were looking for a scope mount that was strong and where we could attach a video screen to the rifle. We wanted to incorporate this important safety feature into the rifle build. It would also help Ryker be more successful. American Rifle Company was excited to help us with our gun safety classes for kids and sent us one of their M-Brace scope mounts with the bridge for the Vortex Optics scope we were planning to mount. What originally impressed us was the quality of the mount. It was rigid, well-designed, and rock-solid!

Once mounted it was easy to torque all of the Torx screws to the recommended specs with our Wheeler Tools Fat Wrench. This is our go-to, tool for all of our gun-smithing needs. What was great about the Torx screws is that they were oversized and there were also the specs were laser engraved to the side of the mount. This is a great feature to help ensure that all bolts are locked down properly to help protect the ZERO. The M-Brace mount is robust and features an adjustable level which helps ensure the rifle is level. This is important in precision long-range shooting. Another great feature is the bridge feature. This allows you to add accessories to your optic. It has a Picatinny rail which is perfect for laser rangefinders, we mount our Digiscope screen to it. This is the perfect setup to help Ryker shoot safely!! All in all this mount is overkill for a rimfire rifle, but necessary for our application.

What impressed us most was the fit and finish of the American Rifle Company M-Brace Scope Mount. All of the different components worked together solidly to ensure the scope, with all of the accessories staying right where we wanted them to be. Another highlight was that American Rifle is a PNW company based in Washington. We take great pride in representing a “local” manufacturer and are thankful for their support. It is their belief in the work that we are doing to help protect children through proper education. Quality, American-made products help make all of the difference. The M-Brace Scope Mount retail price starts at $279.00 and goes up from there. It is not cheap but when you invest thousands of dollars on a rifle and thousands more on the optic. If you want to protect your investment, this mount will help you do it. It truly is money well spent. You can find more information on their website.

Thank you for reading!! ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®


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