.22 LR RimFire S.A.F.E. League

Course Content
This 4-week session is held at the range and covers the following:

  • Instruction
    • reviewing the 4 basic gun safety rules
    • reiterating the importance of practicing these rules (by both students and parents)
  • Live Fire
    • reviewing trigger and muzzle discipline
    • handling and carrying the firearms
    • shooting from 3 different positions (offhand, kneeling, and prone)

Each session progresses in skill, range, and difficulty.

Week 4 concludes with a friendly competition to determine the session’s Top Shot. Awards will be issued to the top two shooters in each class and age group.

Cost:      $80.00 for 4-week session
               $10.00 discount if payment made in full during initial registration

Type:      Range Instruction, Live Fire, and Competition

Participation Requirements

— Recommended ages:

Group 1  ♦  7 – 10
Group 2  ♦  11 – 16

— Shooting Class:

Open  ♦  semi-auto / scoped (bring your own firearm)
Stock  ♦  bolt action / iron sights (available for rent @ $5 per session)*

Parents must attend with their child (no additional cost).

— .22 LR RimFire S.A.F.E. League class sizes are limited to 15 kids each.

*Limited number of rentals available. Reservation required.

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