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Kids Firearm Safety Hybrid


$20 per Child this is a combination of our Kids Firearm Safety 1&2 Classes
Donations are always welcome!


Classroom & Range Instruction

Participation Requirements:

— Recommended age: 7 and up
— Parents must attend with their child (no additional cost)
— Certificate of Completion from Kids Firearm Safety & Intro

Course Content:

This course is held at the range and covers the following:
Reviewing the 4 basic gun safety rules
Reiterating the importance of practicing these rules (by both students and parents)
Live Fire
Reviewing trigger and muzzle discipline
Handling and carrying the firearms
Shooting from 3 different positions (offhand, kneeling, and prone)

Each student will receive a Certification of Completion at the conclusion of the course.
Kids Safety & Intro to Firearms 2 (with Live Fire) classes are limited to 10 children.

To be useful, skills (both verbal and physical) must be practiced regularly — training should be intentional and directed at long term gains (understanding, ability, and proficiency), not short term satisfaction and success. Students who acknowledge skills development as a long term process will garner the most positive results.

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