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Kids Firearm Safety Gun Maintenance


$20 per student


Range Instruction & Live Fire

Participation Requirements:

— Recommended age: 10 and up
— Parents must attend with student (no additional cost)
— Certificate of Completion from Kids Firearm Safety & Intro

Course Content:

Reviewing the 4 basic gun safety rules reiterating the importance of practicing these rules (by both students and parents)

Introduction to gun maintenance: In this class, we will begin with checking the condition of every firearm being maintained in this class. (Adults will safety check every chamber to ensure no ammunition and the guns are CLEAR.) There will be NO ammo allowed in the area!! We will disassemble all guns so they can be cleaned and maintained. We will teach the kids how to inspect their firearms and look for signs of wear that could lead to a malfunction.

Please note, that gun maintenance is an important process to ensure that the guns are kept in good working order. It is also a fun way to teach the next generations about the different parts and nomenclature, plus the responsibility of gun ownership. We will discuss the types of tools and supplies to efficiently clean their firearms in a safe and controlled environment.

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