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Why is Kid’s Gun Safety Important?

Nov 3, 2023 | Blogs

This is a question that we get asked quite often and we also see this question posed in many different forms in the media. It is quite simple and in this blog post, we will talk about the benefits of safety education for your family and society as a whole. When we start to talk about a topic that can be scary for some it is important to talk about why we educate children on many different topics designed to help keep them safe. There are fire safety, water safety, bike safety, and many other important topics. The lane that we have created for ourselves has been on the topic of firearm safety. This has been a fun and challenging journey but, we wouldn’t have had it any other way. The first part of how gun safety is important for your family is how it helps you mitigate risk. We look at this similarly to you paying your insurance every month. You make a monthly payment hoping you never have a claim, but it is there just in case. This is the same concept for why you SHOULD teach your kids about firearm safety. Whether you own firearms or not, please don’t think for a second that your child can’t be exposed to an unsecured firearm somewhere.

One of the most common comments that we hear is “My kid would never do that!” or “My kid knows better than that!” While we always think that our child would never do something like this, do you know if “Billy” knows not to show your child his father’s gun because he knows where it is stored unsecured? When we make this statement in our Kids Firearm Safety 1 classes, we immediately see light bulbs go off inside their heads. Now we have their attention, now they understand why we are doing what we are doing. We have heard horror stories over the years of near misses that reinforce this really important topic. One time 2 kids found a revolver inside a couch cushion. Luckily they knew to get out of the situation and to get an adult. There have been many other stories over the years. When you teach your child gun safety you make little changes in your lifestyle. You set your family up for success. It is an enjoyable and empowering experience. What you must understand about your children is that at a very young age, they are very inquisitive. They are constantly getting into things. This could get them into trouble if you are not careful. When you teach them about firearm safety you take the novelty away and bring them back to reality. The reality is that firearms can be dangerous if we do not practice safety at all times.

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In our classes, we always refer to the kids as our most valuable resource in this country. Why we say this is that our children are the future of this great nation. We need to raise strong kids, so they become strong teens. They then become strong adults. We need our children to be courageous and bold. It is OK to stand alone if they can stand on their principles. Our country desperately needs good leadership and our country depends on the next generation. Another thing that goes into this conversation is how your child can be a “force multiplier.” What we mean by this is that your child can go out into their circles empowered by this new knowledge on gun safety and they can be little leaders to their friends, to help keep them safe. What we feel is important about this topic is that we have to NORMALIZE this conversation. It can be scary, we understand this but, it doesn’t have to be. When we educate our families we take the fear away. When there is no fear, we are less likely to make a mistake. We are less likely to make a mistake because we are confident about the process of gun safety inside our homes. We do have to be careful because sometimes confidence leads to complacency. That can be dangerous but it is all about mitigating the risk, remember?

It is very often that our children want to start finding their independence. They want to be treated like a “big” kid. This is when you can have adult-like conversations about your firearms with them. Like it or not, here in America, we do have a “gun culture.” This is completely normal and should be celebrated not demonized because this is what makes our country unique. Yes, we do have some issues, but it’s not as bad as it’s made out to be by the media. It is these traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Teach your children

that our firearms are tools and not toys. The goal here is to teach safety, discipline, and respect for firearms. When we teach them respect for our firearms, we teach them the reality of how dangerous they can be if misused. When we teach them respect from a very young age this is an important lesson that will put them on a path to safety that will last them a lifetime. Believe it or not, there were lessons that I was taught at a very young age that impacted my life and I still use to this day. A few examples are demonstrated in our classes. So thank you, Dad your teaching is affecting the work that I currently do in the community to be in service to the families that we meet. We do recommend that if you are cleaning or maintaining your firearms, you can include your child in the process. Make sure the gun is clear and that there is no ammunition in the room, but walk them through the process. This is where you can talk about the different parts, and how they function. This is empowering for them and makes them feel like big kids.

Lastly, an important component of the safety of your children inside your home is secure storage. While we will never support governmental mandates for secure storage, we do believe that if we make a cultural shift to make sure our guns are properly stored when we do not have direct control of them. This will help keep your family safe. The Vaultek Safes are a great option for secure storage and quick access. The technology that they use allows you to stage a gun for a defensive purpose, keeps it out of the reach of your kids, and also gives you the ability to gain access in less than a second. You doing the right thing by educating your child and keeping your gun secure will help us all by preventing an accident. In reality, though the accident is negligence. All firearm “accidents” are negligence because 1, why was that child not taught gun safety? 2, why was that gun not properly stored? It is these tragedies that are used against all of us as gun owners. We have to take the lead and help do better before we are forced to do so by governmental edict. All it takes is small changes in your life that will make a big difference. As always we are here for you and your family. We are your trusted source that is dedicated to providing meaningful, easy-to-implement solutions. If you ever have a question please reach out. We are always here for you. Until next time. Be safe!


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