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What is the Best Age to Teach Gun Safety?

Apr 11, 2024 | Blogs

What is the best age to teach gun safety to children? This is a question that we get asked most frequently. Our answer is always is, as young as you possibly can!! For some parents this makes sense and for some parents, this is a scary response. In this blog post, we will describe the benefits to the safety of your family by teaching your children gun safety from a very young age. First off, when we talk about gun safety, we take a family approach. The main focus is preventing young children from unintended accidents inside of the home, which in all reality is negligence. Why was that child not taught gun safety? Why was that gun not properly stored? These are the first 2 questions that we ask whenever we are tagged in a post on social media. This happens far too often and it breaks my heart every time. In my career, since 2014 it has happened hundreds of times I would imagine. What parents need to realize is that they have an important role in the safety of their children. If you are a concealed carrier, when that gun comes off of your person you and do not have direct control of it. It NEEDS to be properly stored, Period! Full stop! You can access it in less than a second with a quality box from Vaultek Safe.


We recommend that you start teaching your children gun safety as young as they can start to understand the concept. This could be as young as 3 or 4 years of age. In our gun safety classes for children, we do like to see them when they are about 4. What we are trying to do at this age is take the novelty away from the firearm. In many households, especially ones that have parents who conceal carry. The gun is part of their everyday routine. NORMALIZE the gun and start teaching them the responsibility of having one on your person. Part of the responsibility is when it comes off of you, it goes into a form of secure storage. Don’t leave their safety up to chance and no a sock drawer or a nightstand is a form of secure storage! We hear quite often “My kid would never do that!” Are you 100% sure of that? What about one of your child’s friends? You will never know when your child might be exposed to an unsecured firearm, it will happen at some point. It is our goal as an organization, that we teach them what not to do if they ever come across an unsecured firearm. Children from a very young age are rule followers and this is a very good thing. We have 4 rules that we share with other organizations, they are:

1# STOP!

These rules give the children direction and help give order. We believe that repetition is the greatest way to reinforce these rules and constant review at a young age will help them stay on the right path. We do realize that it can be a scary topic for some and that guns can be scary, but we do believe that teaching your children to be fearful of firearms is the wrong approach. When you make a topic scary, you prevent your kids from learning about this important topic effectively. Other Organizations are trying to corrupt the message of true gun safety by presenting information that is not based on any sort of reality. The BESMART campaign is a prime example. They believe that for you to keep your children safe you must get rid of every gun inside of the home. This is counterproductive to the safety of your family and this type of naive thinking puts families at risk. There are an estimated 450 million guns in this country, they aren’t going anywhere. So let’s learn true gun safety. We can coexist, we just need to reinforce the fact that our guns are not toys, they are tools.

In a recent class, we had a young boy. He was 4 years old and his family was being proactive when it came to his safety. While some of the information that we covered was over his head. The most important pieces of our class were able to resonate with him. It was that experience that led me to write this post. There is so much information out there for families and sometimes trying to decipher what is good for their families. It is time-consuming and we do take great pride in always being a trusted resource for parents. Teaching your children gun safety from a very young age will keep them safe but, it only works if you do your part as well. Start them young, repeat, do it again, and then quiz them. Make sure all of the information is stuck with them. Then take them to the range. Hands-on learning is a great way to reinforce the safety principles that they have been taught. We recommend that your children are a little bit older for live fire type training. You can wait until they are 6-7 years old depending on their maturity. Once fully taught, shooting is a completely normal and fun way for your family to bond. Make sure to always wear ear and eye protection. This will help make it a safer and more comfortable experience. We hope this helps you. Never forget that we are always here for you and your family. Get involved, teach them gun safety and they will be gun safety. Until next time. Be safe!!


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