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Viva Las Vegas

Jan 14, 2022 | Blogs

I’m writing this blog post from a small room in the Lane County Courthouse. I am watching the murder trial of one of my good friends on closed-circuit TV. There will be more information about this situation in upcoming posts. Over the past few months, I have put a tremendous amount of work into preparing for SHOT Show. This conference is held in Las Vegas and it is the largest shooting trade show in the world. It is a place where friendships, partnerships, and sponsorships are made. I have always envied all of my friends in the industry who make the trek yearly. There is expense involved and I always thought about how many kids that I could reach with the amount of money it costs for me to go. We as an organization could easily reach between 500-1000 kids with the funds that it would take to attend SHOT. I normally would just put my head down and pack my schedule so that I felt like I was doing something while all of my friends and sponsors go have fun. It has been nearly 2 years since I have gone to an industry event. During the lockdown, we just buckled down, worked, and were thrifty with the money we raised. We did some great things in 2021.

I made the decision back in October that I had to be at SHOT. I had to go to reach those in the industry who don’t know about the important work we do to protect children. It will also be a time to network, touch base with current sponsors, and most importantly see my friends from all over the country. I will be rooming with my good friend Charlie Cook. I always look forward to our travels together. It’s always fun catching up and having some fun. I spent a few months in the research and planning of this trip. I wanted to maximize my trip to have the biggest impact on money the that it costs. I have identified who we need help from and what we could do with the support. I currently have 5-6 open projects with partners all over the country and this will give me the time to tie up all the loose ends.

One of the biggest parts of SHOT is all of the new products that manufacturers are coming out with. It gives the 2A community the ability to touch and feel the new latest and greatest plus get excited for the upcoming product drops. I look forward to seeing where the industry is going with the latest safety and innovation. I have some big meetings planned and will be spending a lot of time with friends from Aero Precision. I will also be with my friends with Walk the Talk America. It is all about networking and supporting the friends that I have in the industry. I’m thankful for all of their continued support. I also look forward to making new connections that will help us expand our program. Our goal for this year is a national rollout, support from the industry is critical. If they haven’t heard of us, they are about to learn!

Leading up to SHOT we have invested in this event from an infrastructure standpoint. We have put systems in place to help ensure that the money we invest in networking brings us a good return on our investment. We had a special landing page designed for our website that will be event-specific. It tells our history, our accomplishments, and how they can get involved to help us. We designed custom business cards that have a QR code that goes to a Link Tree link that has all the relevant info there. We will be able to make these links event-specific. 2022 is shaping up to be our busiest year on record. We have  SHOT Show, in February we start the Boat and Sportsman shows, which last the entire month and into March. Then we head back to Hawaii in the middle of March for more classes on Oahu and Maui. It is going to be so great. The benefit of being in Vegas is that I can shore up all of our plans with our many partners in our upcoming events. Proper planning ensures that all goes smoothly, which increases our efficiency, and ensures we adhere to our strict budgets.

In closing, I will keep everyone updated on our progress at the show. I hope you all follow along on our journey. I look forward to having fun, traveling, and meeting new friends in the industry. I appreciate all of your support along the way. I look back on all that we have done over the years and I’m proud of all that we have accomplished. We are just getting started and SHOT Show is an important chapter in our story. Until next time. Be Safe!!


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