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Vaultek, The Official Safe of the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation

May 19, 2023 | Blogs

The Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation is pleased to announce it’s latest partnership with Vautek Safes and it has been a long time in the making. As a Kids safety organization that focuses primarily on the education portion of responsible gun ownership. A key component to keeping children safe when you have guns inside of your home, the ability to secure the firearm. When it is not on your person is crucial. This helps protect your children, prevents theft, and can also have really important reasons on why you SHOULD incorporate a quick action safe inside of your home. For the past few years KSF has been looking for a partner in the secure storage industry. There are many great options for parents because of the sheer number of quality safe manufacturers from around the country.

We first met the team from Vaultek back in 2019 at Triggrcon when it was held in Bellevue Washington. Both of our groups were relatively new to the industry and this was our first firearm industry event. We had our BB gun range set up and we were outreaching to the families that were in attendance. It gave us the opportunity to network as well. I knew what we needed as a partner in the back of my mind. I stopped by the Vaultek booth and spoke to their team. I was impressed initially with the technology and how they were using it to help protect children. After the event they sent me one of their boxes for us to demo in our classes. To this date I still break it out in every Kids Firearm Safety 1 class that we teach. This past January while at SHOT Show I ran into the team from Vaultek once again. As we talked and checked out their newest products. My mind went to how much we needed them as a partner.

We are pleased to announce that what was something that started in a chance meeting back in 2019 has turned into an official partnership. Vaultek Safes are the official secure storage company for the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation. Vaultek in turn will receive our official endorsement. As an organization with over 3000 hours in perfecting and honing our important message plus having over 28,000 kids educated through our program. This adds to the credibility and value of this important endorsement. Together it is our hope to give parents a cost effective and technologically advance product the will ensure that their kids will remain safe inside of the home, if they USE it!! That is the million dollar comment. It so often in our classes that we hear, “I don’t lock up my handgun because I need to get into it in a moments notice.” My response always is “do you ever need to get into your firearm so fast that it puts your children’s lives at risk!?” All of a sudden the lightbulb goes on. It isn’t my approach that I am trying to shame the parent into properly storing their firearms. Our guns are useless is one of our kids or someone else gets hurt with it. The Vaultek safes gives you the ability to get into your defensive firearm in less than a second. Please use one, the lives of your loved ones depend on proper education and secure storage.

We will now be starting an official social media campaigns, reviews, and other forms content to help raise awareness to the importance of 1. Educating your kids on firearm safety and 2. Properly securing your firearm when you don’t have direct control of your firearms. All it takes is a shift in our mindset as responsible gun owners, because with rights do come great responsibility. Every child that gets hurt with a firearm is a tragedy and plus it is used against us by people that seek to further restrict our civil liberties. We want to world to see how easy it is to secure your gun yet get into it in less than a second. It really that fast and there its really no excuse for not using some kind of form of secure storage. The content creation part is something that we really look forward to doing. We are thankful for having 130k subscribers on YouTube now. All designed to create awareness to how you can do your part to help us protect your kids and their friends. Together we can change the world in a positive way. All it takes is making a change in our collective thought process.


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