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Vaultek Returns as a Partner for 2024

Jan 15, 2024 | Blogs

We have had a hectic week. There have been some highs and there have been some lows. One of the biggest highs was when we received word from our partner Vaultek that they would continue as one of our title sponsors for 2024. This was great news for us because it helped us with funding that filled our coffers. So that we have the resources at our disposal to continue the important work we do. People sometimes don’t realize how much money it takes to be able to provide our important services to the community. Quite often, these services are FREE and we receive no compensation. This is why our partnerships with the manufacturers that we represent are so important. We have modeled our program similar to water safety because we believe that gun safety is important, and every child should be taught it.

We first met the team at Vaultek Safes, at Triggrcon in 2019. This was our first industry event, held near Seattle. It was there, that we had our BB gun range set up. We were working with the kids that were in attendance. It gave me the time to network with many different companies. I struck up a conversation with one of the Vaultek reps. I knew that education and secure storage were a natural fit for the work that we were doing. As an organization, we were seeking a partner that we could promote in our gun safety classes for children. They ended up sending me a VT 20i that I was able to demo in our classes. In 2021, I ran into their team at SHOT Show. We had a great conversation about how best we could work together. I wrote up a sponsorship request. Then in late 2022, we came together and formed a partnership.

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We had already been demoing their products in all of our Kids Firearm Safety 1 classes, so the transition was easy and official. They became the official safe of the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation. This was an easy decision for us. We already trusted their products because of the innovation and the technology that they incorporate in their gun boxes. They are well-made and secure. They offer parents instant access to their defensive firearms. This allows the gun to be staged just in case of a home invasion. We believe that education is a priority and secure storage should be at the forefront of any responsibly armed home. Others are trying to teach “gun safety” and they recommend the ammo be stored separately from the firearm. That is a horrible idea. Hopefully, you will never need to use your gun to defend your family, but having it readily available is very important. The Vaultek safes give you the ability to prevent unauthorized access from either your children or a criminal, yet give you the ability to retrieve your gun in a second. We do recommend that you practice getting into your box often so that in a moment of crisis, you will be able to access it quickly. Practice safely though, and make sure the gun is unloaded.

Fast forward to this year, we heard good news from the team at Vaultek. They have decided to continue to support our organization. This was exciting for me to hear. I take tremendous pride in all of our partners and in representing them appropriately. It has always been and will continue to be a priority to showcase their products in a way that is a value to them, plus the public that we serve. One thing that you will notice about all of the content that we put out, across all platforms. It is always positive!! We believe in putting out into the universe, what we want to see. There is always so much negative in the world and we strive to be that force for good. This provides value to our partners. I will say this, we are particular about who we work with. Vaultek makes a quality product when properly utilized, your family will be safer, period. The keyword is properly “utilized!” It’s part of our job to bring awareness to the families that we reach of their importance. Together we can make a difference and save lives, all without governmental intervention. We just have to evolve our mindset.

In 2024 we will continue our plans of expansion nationally, with tentative newer classes in Washington, Wyoming, and Florida. This takes a lot of planning and resources to be able to pull off. A partnership like the one that we have with Vaultek is vital to our ability to focus on the mission. We have goals for this year and look forward to working on the steps to reach each milestone. Sometimes I sit here and reflect on my journey. What started as a thought and an idea that came from a flash of light, that what I believe to be my higher power. How now has become a mission that is actively impacting the lives of all that we meet. It’s truly miraculous and couldn’t be done without good people in the industry like Vaultek. We look forward to turning 28,000 to 1 million and beyond, together. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!! Until next time. Be safe!!


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