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Through The Eyes Of A Child

Feb 1, 2021 | Blogs

Throughout our journey over the past 5 years to get where we are today. We have learned, refined, and honed our approach. Most of the important lessons that we have learned have come from seeing how children interpret our firearms from their perspective. What seems logical to us, as parents, is different than how our children see things. This is the most valuable lesson that we can take away from the process. As the President and founder of the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation, I have 2000 hours in front of the kids demoing and honing our program. I have heard it all. It never ceases to amaze me how a child’s mind takes in, processes, and repeats the information that we present. This has been invaluable to what we do as an Organization.

In today’s society there’s so much talk about changes that are intended to “save lives.” What is never discussed is how our children are going to benefit from this. Our most vulnerable citizens are our children and it’s important that they, 1. understand the process and 2. Understand the intended effects. I do believe that it is very important to protect the innocence of our children. I do believe that we do have a responsibility to normalize firearms. The reason I believe this is because we live in a “Gun Culture” or “Gun Society.” Whether you like it or not guns are in every part of our society. Until recently there were guns in cartoons, toy aisles, TV, and video games. It is very common for us to go into public and see a sign or image of a gun almost everywhere. Guns are NORMAL and are NOT going anywhere, period. While those that fear and would like to regulate an inanimate object, they simply can’t erase every aspect of everyday life. Fear mongering will never stop the issues that we face as a society. Especially because kids will see signs of firearms potentially everywhere that they look.

I think that the most important thing that parents can do is have conversations with their children about firearms. They are normal, they have a purpose, and they should be respected. Some parents might not like guns, I respect that. I just want them to understand the importance of safety. Just because you do not own any firearms, it doesn’t mean that your kids cannot come into contact somewhere else. Please DO NOT be naive when it comes to the safety of your children. It is a matter of life or death. Talk about them, and learn together about them. It is an empowering event for you both. While you might choose to never own one, that is your choice. What is so wrong about learning and teaching your kids about firearms? Nothing!! Conversations are important to our development, especially in young children. As parents, we have to realize how our world views can hurt our children and potentially make them vulnerable. We should all seek to raise well-rounded, grounded, and strong kids. The future of this great Nation truly depends on it.

We want our children to have a better life than we possibly had. As society changes we continue to lose sight of traditional values that were common when we were growing up. As technology changes and plays a bigger role in the development of our children, it’s important to realize how this impacts them. Some of the funnest experiences I have had while being in front of the kids are how they use new terms, new forms of media, and other things to educate me. I like to think of myself as being somewhat hip, but I learn quite frequently, that I’m not as hip as I think. Understanding how our children see the world and potential dangers is an important concept to help keep them safe. When we make things taboo and don’t talk about them. It makes kids naturally inquisitive. The most important thing that you could do is to talk with them. Don’t talk to them. Help them understand the dangers, help them see the purpose of the education. It’s about their safety. Our kids are going to hear about guns, would you prefer that information come from you? We recommend it and can be a trusted resource to help your family start the process. It can be a fun and rewarding way for your family to bond differently. You will learn new things about the way your Child’s mind works. I hope this blog post reinforces the importance of breaking down stigmas for the sake of keeping your kids safe. We look forward to continuing the important work that we do to protect children. We hope to meet your family soon, to help you all with your journey. Until then, be SAFE!!


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