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The Benefits of Suppressors for Kids

May 17, 2022 | Blogs

We have an exciting new fundraiser coming up with one of our newest sponsors, HUXWRX Safety Co. HUXWRX Safety Co have chosen to invest in the very important work that we do to protect children by donating (4) of their Rad 22 suppressors. Our most important class is the one about accident prevention, followed closely by range type classes. Sometimes showing up at a rifle range for the first time can be an intimidating experience for some families. There are some parents that have never been exposed to guns, but they understand the importance of exposing their children in a safe and controlled environment. This is where our training program shines, it is designed for everyone, not just the families with firearms in their homes. On top of the safety aspect to training kids to shoot it is important to realize it can potentially be overwhelming at first. Loud sounds, nerves, and lack of experience make it challenging at first. Mostly because of the fear of the unknown. Our children don’t know what they haven’t been taught yet.


What makes our newest sponsorship from HUXWRX so beneficial to us, is because it helps us skip the fear stage of what we are working on. Whenever we are on the range, we typically have my personal suppressed rifle with us just in case there is a kid that might struggle with how loud it can be, even with hearing protection being worn. The suppressors from HUXWRX will add protection for all shooters that are involved, the increased protection will equate into extra safety measures. When the kids are comfortable it is easier for them to stay focused on the task at hand. There are already many moving parts and helping lower the chances of an “incident” are job #1! Safety for everyone involved is paramount. It is what makes what we do so important and why we are successful.


HUXWRX has offered to supply us with (4) of their Rad 22 suppressors. We will be starting a fundraiser this week to buy (6) more with the addition of (10) rifles and (10) rimfire pistols for the new Teen classes that we are getting ready to launch. Once completed this fundraiser will give us the opportunity to ensure that every kid or teen that joins us will be able to shoot more safely because of the added hearing protection level.   The way the suppressor works is  the gasses that are created during the firing process are vented through ports in the suppressor and this helps lower the decibel level to possibly a hearing safe level, depending on the type of ammo used. The faster the velocity of the ammo, the louder the audible “crack” of the rifles report. Lowering the decibel rating makes the whole process easier because of the comfort aspect. Another important part of the HUXWRX suppressors, is how it directs gasses from the faces of the shooters during the firing sequence. When the gun fires, the firing pin strikes the primer which is located on the rim of the cases of the ammo that we shoot. Hence the name, rimfire. When the primer is struck, the priming compound creates an explosion inside of the case, which is inside of the chamber. The explosion ignites the powder, the gasses expand pushing the bullet down the barrel. It is basically a chemical reaction. HUXWRX designed theirs to go away from the face protecting the shooter further. In other suppressor designs, they contain baffles that trap the gasses and muffle the sound. This sometimes, depending on the chamber pressure, due to the velocity of the round will direct gas towards the shooters face.


The Innovative design of the Rad 22 suppressor uses spiral ports that circulate the gasses in a way that it directs them away from the shooter. This is a huge safety benefit because it helps limit the exposure of contaminants to the kids. We are really conscious of issues that can arise with lead contamination, so we are mindful to decontaminate each child after the class. It is little things like this that help us raise awareness to other responsible gun owners. We look forward in the next week launching a very important fundraiser with the help of many of our industry friends and sponsors. The goal is to get the tools that we need to further expand our program. We are thankful for the support from HUXWRX Safety Co. and we look forward upcoming projects together Until then. Be safe!!



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