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Taking Our Show On The Road

May 24, 2024 | Blogs

We are excited to announce that we will be taking our gun safety classes for children on the road in July with help from one of our Title Sponsors, Vaultek Safe. As partners, we are on opposite coasts and it makes the ability for us to work together on “special projects” challenging. We typically catch up, face to face once a year at SHOT Show. There isn’t enough time to talk strategy because of how hectic it is. We started the conversation about filming a special video for their “Safer Together” series on their website. This would be a great opportunity for us to get our important message of secure storage to their customers. It was this conversation and how we meet somewhere in the middle of the country that blossomed into a 4 state tour that kicks off in July. It was these talks with the Vaultek media team that helped spur ideas and turn them into action.

We are pleased to announce that Vaultek Safe will be the Title Sponsor for our Midwest tour. We will start by flying into Kansas City, MO. It is from there we will pick up a rental car and head for Wichita, KS. It is there we will hold (2) classes with our friends from Rainier Arms at their training academy. We will be teaching our flagship class, our Kids Firearm Safety 1. The goal would be to build the infrastructure necessary to facilitate our further growth. The classes will be held in the evening and I will spend the morning with the team from Vaultek, to work on the video project. It seems that whenever we plan trips like this, we pack more work than we do “fun.” It is ok though, my father always used to say“Make hay when the sun shines.” There is no truer statement here. While I will be hustling from state to state, the plan is to see a different part of the country and do something that I love to do, teach gun safety classes to kids! After those classes, I will head for Oklahoma City, OK. It is there Rainier Arms host us again at that location for a few more classes. The OKC location is one of the newest locations owned by Rainier Arms, based in the Pacific Northwest. It will be fun to represent a PNW company.

The Next day I will head for Fayetteville, Arkansas. We will be working with the Washington County Youth Services to hold (2) classes at the Fayetteville Police Department. The original idea for this tour came from one of their staff. I received a call from them last month. They were experiencing a problem with youth being hurt by firearms. After a quick Google search, they discovered the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation. It was at that point that the planning began, the meetings, and all other requirements that got into putting on classes in a different state. From my perspective, it is turn-key, from theirs, it was the unknown. Once on the same page, it was smooth sailing. Once finished with the classes in Fayetteville, I will travel to the neighboring town of Springdale AR. The Springdale High School will be our host for another (2) classes. This will be the first time that we have scheduled 4 classes on the same day, but we would like to maximize our impact on the local communities. As scary as it may be, I cannot wait!!

Then on the following day, I travel to Mecca of all the cool things to be a kid. We get the extreme honor of hosting a class at the Daisy Outdoor facility. My father gave me my first Daisy Red Ryder when I was 3 years old. It was an experience that changed my life and set me on a path to get where I am today. This is the part of the trip that I am most excited about. Getting to see where the proverbial “sausage” gets made will be a lot of fun. We will be teaching the Kids Firearm Safety 1 class and then we will head down to the warehouse to shoot BB guns. They will be blowing up one of their Daisy Inflatable BB Gun Ranges. This will be the highlight of our journey, coming full circle and being able to work with the kids, on one of their ranges, at their home. We started using these inflatable BB gun ranges back in 2017, we have 2 of them and we have reached over 20K kids in our history with these incredible tools. The benefit of being able to shoot BB guns after the KSF 1 class is that we can reinforce all of the important skills that they were just taught with BB guns. This will help ensure that our important training will stick with them well into the future. We hope that they live long, happy, and successful lives.

On Monday morning I head north to Overland Park, MO. I will finish the tour of 4 states close to where I began with our friends with Frontier Justice. This is one of the three stores that are under their umbrella. There will be (2) classes there. I hope to finish strong. I won’t have much time in each state but I do look forward to doing our part to make a difference. This will boost our state total to 9 states reached in our history. This is huge for us as an Organization!! I want to thank all of the partners who have opened up their locations, helped promote the classes, and most importantly believe in the mission. Lastly, I want to thank the team at Vaultek Safe. Great people, and great products. I am thankful for their continued support. The trip will be a blur but it will be because we will be doing the work. It will all be worth it. I will keep you posted with more details as we get closer to the trip. Until next time. Be safe!


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