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Strong Kids Prevent Bullying

Dec 18, 2020 | Blogs

Strong Kids Prevent Bullying

We are very fortunate to be able to teach kids and families more than just Firearm safety. We cover many different aspects of kids’ safety, it is our goal to be all-encompassing when it comes to your child’s safety. One important component, which is often overlooked in our society is Anti-bullying. In these difficult times when tensions are high. Fear and emotions pave the way for negative interactions with others. What we, as adults have to realize is that all forms of media from social media to the mainstream media, are being used to divide us as a country. They are being used to keep us on edge so that we cannot think rationally. The downfall is the effect it is having on our children. We have little people looking to us for answers and leadership. It’s important to have an even keel and understand the challenges that we as a country face in a calm manner. We can only control what we can control. Our homes, period!!

Part of raising strong children is giving them the ability to be future leaders. Leaders are strong, confident, empathetic, and able to stand alone based on their convictions. Sometimes it is a lonely position, but necessary to be a leader. In the anti-bullying component of our program, we teach kids valuable de-escalation skills designed for them to deal with a bullying situation. In most situations, a bully feeds off of the negative energy produced by the kid being bullied. In most cases, if the child gets out of the situation and walks away, the negative interaction ceases. Often the bully is just projecting their inadequacies. Kids are ruthless though, technology has evolved and has given them another way to torment or bully. Cyberbullying is a real problem now and there have been many reports of teens being bullied into committing suicide. This is a horrible consequence of the continued evolution of technology. While it may be a convenience, having limits on their ability to have contact with the outside world can help prevent cyberbullying or help them learn moderation. There is nothing wrong with setting limits and having expectations with your kids regarding their online presence. This will help protect them as well from online predators.

There have been a couple of examples of where our training has thwarted some pretty serious situations, one could have been tragic. When we are talking about the Anti-bullying part, we break it down into 3 steps. Steps are important because they create order and it gives kids a directive to follow. This makes it easier to remember what they are taught. We have 3 steps, which are similar to our firearm safety steps, that help prevent accidents.

1. STOP!



We want them to STOP because it gives them the time to remember the other two. There are three altogether. The next step is to WALK AWAY, this gets them out of the situation. Studies show that if we remove the kid from the situation it will take away the bully’s ability to continue the hostile interaction. The best way we can deal with a bully is for us not to respond. This is a physiological technique. The last step is to TALK TO AN ADULT!! Intervention can help diffuse a potentially volatile situation.

Our goal is for the kids who take our classes to be in a better position to help other kids as well. Leadership can begin at a young age, this will help ensure that you raise strong kids. One thing that is being lost in our society is empathy. Our kids need to be able to relate to one another, that way they can see other’s perspectives and life experiences. This would most likely help with the racial divide in America. Being empathetic would help prevent those from passing judgment on those that are different from them.

Lastly, it was nearly 2 years ago when we taught a class to a group of Cub Scouts. There were 41 kids in that class. We had a good time. A month later I received an email from one of the mothers. She told me a story about how her son was bullied at school. Luckily for everyone, he remembered his training. He got out of the situation and got her involved. Her son stated that the bully was going to bring a gun to school to “deal” with him. She called law enforcement and they intercepted the kid on his way to school. They ended up finding a handgun in his backpack. It was that close. It is an important lesson. As hard as it is, our children are our first responders!! It’s important that if they ever hear any threat of violence by someone, towards someone, or to themselves. That they alert someone. This could save more lives than any potential new legislation. In closing raise strong kids. It is the greatest gift that you will give our country. Teach your kids to WIN!! Teach your kids to stand up for others, and give a voice to those that don’t feel comfortable doing it. Teach them to be advocates. The republic depends on it. Until next time, thank you for reading my words.


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