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My Child, My Choice

Jan 18, 2021 | Blogs

In 2020 as Americans, we have been battered by disasters either through a mysterious virus or man-made societal chaos. There has been so much division, anger, conspiracy theories, and other detrimental things that have put our constitutional Republic in danger. We the people are tired and 2021 is shaping up to be the continuation of the disaster that was 2020. As a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization, we are very careful about getting too political. It is our goal to be Apolitical and a welcome place for all. Leadership in our lane when it comes to safety is very important to us and a role that we take seriously. It’s hard work and professional experience that has put us in a position to have important solutions to the issues that we face as a country. We work actively and diligently, advancing our important mission forward. It’s all about saving lives. We have many examples of how kids who have taken our classes have been saved from a potentially fatal situation because they were properly educated and empowered. We do not seek trophies, we take great pride in knowing what we are doing is working

President-Elect Biden hasn’t even been sworn in and there are growing talks about further Gun Control. I want to be very delicate here but, I want to lay out a case on how further regulation is dangerous for YOUR kids. He spoke about uniting our hurt nation in one speech. Then in the next, he has set his sights on 105 million lawful gun owners. What he doesn’t realize is the true numbers involved here. According to the latest numbers that I saw from the NSSF there are nearly 425 million firearms in the US. There are an estimated 17 million modern sporting rifles and nearly 7 million NEW gun owners. Those new gun owners came into the fold in 2020. There were 20 million guns sold in 2020 alone. This is a huge number. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. So many rushed out in a panic because they were in fear and potentially forgot important steps, like education or proper storage. We are waiting patiently for new CDC data to explain what happened in 2020 as far as how many kids were hurt or killed. 1 is too many.

We are a nation of laws and for the most part gun owners are lawful. They are typically not part of the problem. I do believe we can do better to save lives and prevent “Gun Violence.” That being said, we have to understand the CDC data. On any given year there are an estimated 40,000 killed with a Firearm. This is sad and tragic. What is being misrepresented is how that over 17,000 are suicides. I believe this should be kept entirely separate. What people fail to admit is that those who are convinced that suicide is their only option, usually have a 5-10 minute window of duress before they take their lives. They choose the firearm because it’s lethal. This is confused with gun violence to artificially inflate the CDC’s data. Let me be clear ALL deaths involving a firearm are unacceptable. What is often never reported is how a firearm is used an estimated 2-4 million times annually for lawful self-defense. Many times without even firing a shot. I find it frustrating that we are not talking about the 80,000 that have died last year due to drug overdose.

That is where we should be focusing not on new laws designed to further restrict lawful gun ownership. All we have to do is look at Chicago, Detroit, and NYC, to see how strict gun control has done nothing to curb violence or save any lives. What our elected officials, in their infinite wisdom, are failing to realize is. That you CANNOT legislate morality or human behavior. People have been killing each other since the beginning of time, this is unfortunately human behavior and will never change. The political divide has made the violence a reality more now than ever. We must unite, not just for the sake of our country, but for the sake of our children, period.

As an Organization we have a lot of experience going into areas, like California, that have the highest rates of restrictions in the country. Violent crime is still very high and the likelihood of one of their children dying in a firearm accident is exponentially higher than anywhere else because there are ZERO opportunities for education for their kids. Typically the stricter the regulation, the more likelihood that the parents hide their firearms from their children. Normally what happens is a parent buys a legal firearm and over time the state or local municipality writes a new law that further restricts the ability to continue to own that type of Firearm. By a new pen stroke, those parents are now potentially criminals if caught by law enforcement. Parents tend to keep these firearms hidden and don’t educate their kids about Firearm safety. Whenever we go to these events in California we are met by parents who are thankful for the opportunity to learn the importance of safety education for their kids. It changes their perspective but the reoccurring theme is how this bad legislation is not effective for anyone and is downright dangerous for their kids.

MY CHILD, MY CHOICE! When the government in their well-intended legislation makes me or my family vulnerable. It’s not about the greater good of Society. It is completely about control. We deserve the right to exercise our 2A rights and we also deserve the right to educate our kids the way WE see fit. I can’t make it any more basic than that. As parents, we have the right to defend our families as we see fit and we have the right to educate our children, period! When the government further restricts our ability to protect ourselves through legislation, regulations, registration, or possible confiscation. It makes us all vulnerable, but it affects our children most. When we have to hide a tool because we are afraid of the ramifications. We do not educate our kids. When we do not educate our kids they can be hurt or killed.

We must not accept the the premise of gun control because as free citizens of the United States, we have a constitutional right to defend ourselves and our families. That being said, with rights come great responsibilities. We do reject others that try to restrict that most basic right all while hiding behind armed security. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. We are a nation of laws and unfortunately, the new potential legislation only affects law-abiding citizens. It does nothing to actual criminals. This is a problem. Our solution, MY CHILD, MY CHOICE! We will not allow politicians to take away our ability to educate and protect our families. We will continue to work hard, obey laws, and pay our taxes. We will not pay a TAX to exercise a right. Pay attention to any pending legislation, and look at it analytically. Weigh the benefits or negative impacts to our society. Let your voice be heard, call or email your representatives. Remember the reason for your firearm, it’s to protect among other things. Until next time. Be safe!!


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