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Feb 1, 2021 | Blogs

It seems like we have just entered the newest age of restrictions. As the president of a 501c3 Nonprofit organization, and a full-time firearms instructor. I have interactions with a very diverse crowd almost daily. I must keep an open mind, listen to others’ perspectives, and offer my opinions, respectfully. It is very common for me to be put in a position where I could have to defend my position, especially when it comes to guns and children. This is a hot-button issue for many. I need to be able to keep my cool and explain the benefits to society on WHY we need to teach firearm safety to every kid in the country. Not just the kids with guns in their houses. We are always told that we need to be tolerant until it’s time to do things that are outside of the norm. While some would think that 6-year-olds being taught how to shoulder and shoot a rimfire rifle is not the norm, my response would be, why not?

As society shifts from the golden years of America to a more high tech Marxist, cancel culture type of society. It is really important to stand for what is right. This may be difficult for some because of the backlash that can ensue. As a safety Organization, we will always stand for what is right, mostly because of our professional experience that proves what we do is working and an actual benefit to society. Unfortunately for us and the kids of America, it’s the loudest voices, the best-funded, and the biggest platforms that get the results. Typically their lack of knowledge and operation of most commonly owned firearms is ignored because they use “fear” as the catalyst to continue to erode our freedoms. All while making us all sitting ducks in public spaces and our children defenseless. We cannot allow those that hide behind their tall gated communities and their armed security, make policy changes. Very often the most vocal have the largest security details. The hypocrisy of all of this is disgusting.

I get emails almost daily from Everytown and Moms Demand Action. They often mirror one another, and most likely they are using focus groups to develop their messaging. This is troubling because of how large their budgets are, how quickly they can organize, and how they use “fear” to control their supporters. Do you notice I used the term “control?” Fear and emotion is an important tool that they use to control their supporters. The reason I use the term control is that you can use fear and emotion to influence your followers. You have just that followers. People nowadays lack critical thinking skills and don’t do their research.  They are mindless bots that believe everything that you put out, you can sway large populations of people across the country. This is a problem because it lacks substance. In my opinion, all of these anti-gun, anti-freedom groups are desperate to maintain control of the hoards of people who follow them. This is a fundraising mechanic for them. Typically in the event of a mass killing, the scene isn’t even secure yet and I start getting emails calling for more restrictions. They use the dead to fundraise and to further the control of their followers. This is unacceptable and should be called for what it is a disgrace.

The cancel culture is a powerful force in America and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. What I’m proposing as someone who has vast experience dealing with those seeking to silence my voice. It’s for one, important to know what topic that you are talking about. Two, be able to have a sensible argument, civilly of course. Three, be able to redirect their emotions, and four, be able to re-educate those who are in your circles of influence. This is how we move the needle of public opinion in our favor. I suggest we use the power of our platforms in a uniting way. We can do this by using hashtags to our advantage. Everyone on social media should know how a hashtag is used to group alike pictures and messages. My thought after researching different hashtags on IG and Twitter is to hopefully influence others to start a new trending hashtag.


            The goal here is to link all of our images in a group that shows the public that we are trying to do something to fix the issues that our country faces. We should be taking pics of what we do, and how we are trying to impact society positively. We should be using their verbiage against them. They cannot cancel us if we can control the information. As of lately, the cancel culture has backfired a few times already. Once with Morgan Wallen, I detest the words that he used. He was stripped of his contract and de-platformed on radio stations across the country. As hideous as the comment was, people who enjoy his music have pushed back and he had a record amount of downloads last week. The same is happening with Disney, with the recent termination of the Mandalorian star over her personal opinion. While I am in no way endorsing either situation, I’m trying to show you that people are fed up with the “tolerance” of those who are WOKE. This is where I believe we can make up ground. I propose that we use this hashtag as a way to show people that we care about the direction that our country is headed, that we are active in our communities, we have viable solutions. Lastly, we will NOT be silenced by those who have no experience with our lifestyle. We will push back positively. Those who seek to further erode our rights and make our children vulnerable do NOT have a single solution that will ever work. We are seeing their solutions every day on the streets of Chicago, Detroit, NYC, and the state of California. They are NOT in any position to talk about “common sense” gun control. They are an epic failure and leave a wake of death in their areas, but 1 more law will make all the difference. It won’t, period.

            Now it is more important than ever to have the solutions that our country needs. Using our platforms and hashtags effectively might just help this.  I’m going to start using the hashtag I mentioned above. My goal is to hijack their platforms and draw a stark contrast to the fear, misinformation, and emotions that they use to control their followers. To the important work that we all do to help make our country a better place for us all. It might turn me into a target, but I’m prepared to stand up for what is right. It might be a lonely place, but it may be the only way we weather the storms that are on the horizon. This truly doesn’t have to be an us vs them conversation. This one can be a uniting topic for our country, we just have to be part of the conversation. Identifying solutions will be part of the process. Be a part of it. Thank you for hearing me out. Until next time, be SAFE!!


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