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Heading Back to California

Feb 27, 2024 | Blogs

We are headed back on the road to Southern California for a San Diego Gun Show this
weekend. This will be our first trip to that area of California. It has been quite the process to put
everything together logistically, but we pulled it off with the help of some great partners. I have
known the folks at the San Diego Gun Owners for a few years now. They are a 2A advocacy
organization based in San Diego. I have been featured on their radio show a few times and am
thankful always for the chance to speak about our gun safety program for children. Whenever
we travel to California, we face our biggest challenges. Gun safety for kids in California is
always an afterthought, not a priority. This is very scary and dangerous for the children there.
This is because of restrictive gun laws. The laws are ever-evolving in California. What was once
legal, now might be illegal due to a stroke of the pen. This has a ripple effect on the safety of
their children. When a parent now has an illegal gun, they are less likely to teach their kids
about it. A common analogy that we use is the hot burner analogy. When you tell your child to
not touch a hot burner, typically the first thing that they do is touch the hot burner. This is how
kids learn and, at times want to experience things for themselves. Sometimes it can be a
painful learning experience and with a firearm it can be fatal.

So we are headed to SoCal with the help of Wild Built Tactical and the San Diego Gun Owners.
The plan is to blow up our inflatable Daisy BB gun range, teach a few Kids Firearm Safety 1
classes, and also give a speech at a symposium. It will be an action-packed event and we look
forward to meeting the families there. It is all about providing solutions to their state. Gun
safety, true gun safety is the solution that we all should seek. Gun safety helps empower our
youth to make good, safe decisions if ever put in a dangerous situation. In reality, this war on
law-abiding gun owners, that puts children at risk because of a bad policy is negligence by
politicians, period. Pretending that guns do NOT exist in California is a pipe dream. I did see a
study recently, that stated that there are more guns in California per capita than any other
state. They are there, they are normal, and the kids should be taught gun safety. This is where
we come in. We will be set up at the San Diego Gun Show, doing what we do. We will be
teaching gun safety to the families. It is a very important job and we are honored to be an
organization that gets this opportunity.

We hope that this weekend we will cross over 29,000 kids reached in our history. We are
knocking on the door and are currently in the high 28,000s of children reached. That means
28,000 plus kids educated and protected through proper education. This is a huge milestone
for us. I cannot wait to share that with everyone when it is time. What is very special is how
there have been over 21,000 kids reached through our Daisy inflatable BB gun ranges. That
means 21,000 kids have been taught the 4 basic safety rules which are as follows:

  2. KEEP YOUR MUZZLE POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION! (Up or Down, never at someone!)

This also means that 21,000 kids have put on safety glasses and have entered the range with
our trained instructors to learn how to shoot. As I write this blog post I reflect on our journey all
over the West Coast to shoot BB guns with the kids. What a great memory and what a lasting
impact that we have made as an organization on society. It is truly our belief that we want to
leave this country better than we found it. We work hard every day to make the vision a reality.

There is a lot that goes into what we do at these events. One of our biggest assets is our
people. We have a great group of volunteers who believe in the mission and give selflessly of
themselves to make the world a better place. We have a strong Board of Directors that helps
me navigate the challenges that we face as a 501c3 nonprofit. It has been fun to get where we
are today, we have so much left to do though. We want to reach a million kids and beyond.
This takes funding and the ability to continue to do the work.

Going into SoCal will be a challenge for us. First, will be the drive. It is nearly 15 hours, one
way. The next challenge is the anti-freedom movement that is so prevalent in California. They
automatically reject what they don’t understand because the powers that be tell them to. Free
thought is very much a rarity there as well. We hope that we can bring a fresh message that will
resonate with all who attend the show and spark the importance of gun safety for their children.
You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take and I think that is what is the most exciting for
us. A new frontier, a new challenge, and a new city! We will keep you all posted on the progress
that we make while there. We appreciate all of our followers who believe in the work that we
do. We also want to thank Wilde Built Tactical for their support of our program and the help in
providing gun safety to the families of their community. I would also like to thank the team at
the San Diego Gun Owners for all of their support over the years and their help with all of the
logistics that went into bringing us to SoCal. It is going to be fun! Until next time. Be Safe!


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