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Growth Into Washington

Dec 3, 2021 | Blogs

Part of our journey has been really hard work. There have been countless hours dedicated to demoing and perfecting our message. Honing the information presented to the families that we serve. What is important to realize about our organization is that we are a service-based organization. It is all about giving back to those that are in need. Our most vulnerable and valuable citizens are our children. We believe that the future of our republic depends on us raising strong kids that will ensure our country survives the way our founding fathers envisioned it. Growth is the most important part of this process. Being in a position to expand to reach more families to save lives. Every mile traveled, every hour worked, and every child reached is all by design. We hope to get our program to the next level. We must provide viable solutions that will work wherever we travel. We had the opportunity recently to expand our class offerings into Washington.

We started slowly and through our partners and sponsors, Sporting Systems we started offering our different classes in Centralia. There is a great rifle club there that allowed us the opportunity to teach our Kids Firearm Safety 1 and 2 classes there. It has been a big hit. The classes have been full and the community has been supportive. It is a really good feeling. It has been the support from the parents that has opened many doors for us in Washington. In December we added classes in Vancouver, Amboy, and Longview Washington. It makes for long days, but the long days will increase our reach and save lives. We hope to very soon have some sort of sustainable funding. Sustainability and legacy have been something that we have been focusing on heavily lately. Last week when we were in Washington for a set of classes we went over the 23k number of kids reached since our founding in 2016. It was very powerful to present that number to the parents that were in attendance at that class in Vancouver. I got choked up, mostly because of pride. When I started this journey back in 2014, I never imagined in my wildest dreams the impact my mission would have on my life and the impact on the communities that we serve. The message has always dictated the path. The path has many different twists and turns. The incredible personal experiences that I have been afforded through my travels will last me a lifetime. It is my mission to ensure our children have that same opportunity, long happy, safe, and successful lives. It is working!! We have had so many successes and are poised for further expansion.

That further expansion will take us into Washington more often and to more places. What we are doing is so important to the community and the parents are the catalyst for our continued success. Our sponsor, Aero Precision is another company that has been important in our continued growth in Washington. As a high-quality AR-15 manufacturer, they see the tremendous value in the work that we do to protect children. As a gun manufacturer, it shows great responsibility to the public for their continued investment in our organization. It’s all about the kids! It truly is a team effort, teams in local communities secure venues and help promote the classes. We come in and do what we do! It’s so much fun. The kids truly make all the difference and it’s fun to see different perspectives from different parts of the country. I always look forward to meeting new families and seeing what information that they already share with their kids. It’s cool to see parents already on the same page as us when it comes to safety and we are an extra reinforcement to things that they already do. We do add additional topics that the parents might not have thought about. What is cool is how the kids take us in different directions with the way they interpret the information.

As we continue to expand our program, we will be looking for qualified instructors that we could certify through our training program to teach our curriculum. This will be a new process for us and most likely will offer a new set of growing pain issues. We will deal with those as they come. We hope that more boots on the ground will equate to more kids reaching. The more kids that we reach will help ensure the safety of children all over the country. In turn, this will show gun responsibility to those who seek to further restrict our rights. It’s a vicious cycle and nothing ever works because education hasn’t been given an honest opportunity to prove that we can help find viable solutions to the problems that our country faces. Personal and professional experience has helped put me in a position to help make a difference. I’m truly blessed. We will keep moving forward, eyes on the prize. The prize is protecting kids all over the country or world. We will make it happen. Until next time. Be safe!


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