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For The Love Of Country

Jul 3, 2024 | Blogs


The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. The reason is gives all Americans an important holiday to celebrate. The red, the white, and the blue are the colors that freedom-loving citizens don to commemorate the day we all hold in high regard. We believe that as a public it is important to teach the traditions and the historical relevance of this day, especially to future generations. Our children will never know how truly great our country is if they aren’t taught about its founding. In our gun safety classes for children, we always cover important traditions that we were taught by the generations before ours. We pass these lessons down to all the kids that we reach. This gives us a way to honor those who are no longer with us. The key message that we hope to deliver is our love for our country. In all reality, our nation is sick and needs our help. The way that we help America is by passing our love of country onto our children. The greatest gift that we could give America is the next generation that is prepared to stand in the breach. We need leadership! We need courage! We need independent thought and strong future leaders.

On July 4th, 1776 our forefathers gave us this gift of freedom by taking a chance and declaring their independence from England. This “Break up” was put in motion with the “shot heard around the world” on April 19th, 1775 near Lexington and Concord. This declaration was a huge gamble by the 56 original framers of the Constitution. They risked their lives, their families, and their fortunes to give us all this gift of freedom, that is if we can keep it. As Americans, we have a rich tradition of rugged individualism and dislike for authority. This free spirit has softened from generation to generation and I feel that my Generation X is the last true free spirit generation. It is a scary thought to think that without our stewardship our country could fall. I bring this up simply for conversation and don’t see this happening tomorrow, but could it happen in 20, 50, or 100 years? Time will tell, unfortunately. We have to put ourselves in a position as parents to tell the truth and to be brave. This could be terrifying for some because it is easy to seek approval from others. It takes courage to stand alone on your convictions and principles that make our country the shining city on the hill.

What it takes is people around the country who believe in the greatness that we all adore and have a duty to defend. We defend by educating and empowering future generations. Freedom is a gift that must never be taken for granted. Teaching our children about history both good and bad, is needed. The best ideas are to present both sides of the story and then teach your children the ability to form their own opinions. That being said, I do side with this time of the year and what it means to my fellow Americans. The Fourth Of July is famous for parades, BBQs, and fireworks. These are all symbolic events that are used to commemorate the founding of our country. We use these events to bring everyone together to celebrate all that it is to be an American. Some try to divide and discredit all of the positives that our country provides to the world. I feel that it is important to not focus on the negatives, but focus on the positives that bind us all together. What binds us all together also makes us unique as a country.


Community event clean-up with volunteers and children.


When they are young our children are impressionable and it is easy to teach them to love and support America. Quite often kids will emulate their parents, our suggestion is to regardless of your political leanings. Teach your children why we celebrate the Fourth of July. Some of the best memories that you can create as a family all while celebrating the Fourth of July together. In the years past the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation did events in public. This was a fun way to reach and engage with the community. We normally participate in the Harrisburg 4th Of July parade, unfortunately, this year we won’t be in attendance due to scheduling conflicts. This allows us to get our name out, get families involved, and give out candy!! That is the fun part! I can’t even explain the looks on the kid’s face when we hand them a piece of candy. Their faces light up and this warms the soul. At the end of the parade, we get everyone involved together for a group photo. We then set up the snow cone machine!! This is always so much fun, we give out snow cones as fast as they can be made. Our machine can make 800 snow cones per hour, even though we haven’t been able to test this claim. They do go fast!!

During the parade, we have flag carriers. Before we hand a flag to a child we set clear expectations on how we respect the flag and never allow it to touch the ground. It is this little pep talk that sets a tone for the type of behavior that we expect but also teaches important traditions on why we treat the flag that we do. It is always fun to just sit back and watch all of the volunteers who join us for our events in public. In closing, our way of life is only protected if we teach the next generations the true meaning of important holidays like the 4th Of July. Being a parent isn’t easy, raising strong kids can be a challenge, but I believe in you. I know
you are doing the best that you can in these circumstances. Keep going, you are not alone!! There are many just like you, believe that. Until next time. Be FREE and be safe!!



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