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Executive Orders Are Dangerous

Apr 9, 2021 | Blogs

As I sit down to write this blog post, my phone is blowing up. Social media is a buzz with the pending news of possible new executive orders by the Biden administration. I normally write a blog post weekly for both of our websites. Every other week I write for the Kids S.A.F.E Foundations website. Originally I planned a blog about video game safety. This plan was derailed because of what I have been reading. As a safety organization, we follow potential legislation closely. We are all law-abiding plus we can prove unequivocally that high rates of restriction are dangerous for our children. We try to stay very apolitical on a very controversial topic. Gun rights is a very polarizing issue. You are either in support of our 2A or you are not. Where is the middle ground though? Where is common sense? Everyone talks about common sense, yet few truly understand what that means.  Governing by executive order is against the will of the people. The elites in Washington DC, the ones that hide behind fences with the protection of armed security are trying to dictate to us how we are supposed to live. I’m not buying it. This is a distraction from the real issues that our great nation faces.

The issue that I have here is there is no data that supports this governmental overreach. No information supports this. Fear and emotion are being used to dictate policy. I’m quite suspicious of their agenda. I believe that special interest money is being used to further restrict our rights. I also believe this is merely a distraction to take the focus off the crisis at the border. This is what we should be focusing on not our guns. At a current estimate, there are an estimated 19,000 children in I.C.E. detention centers across the country. Many are without their parents, many are being human trafficked. These kids need our help. Instead, the president and the sycophant media suppress this story and turn our attention back to guns. They know that they can control the American people and the narrative by drawing our attention back to the 2A. Throughout my research for this blog post, I had to dig deep to find the data I needed to write this. Google and other tech giants were suppressing the information. What are they hiding? Believe it or not, I get a lot of information from TikTok. People share short video clips that I can use to find the information I need for this. Similar to a detective I look for clues on how best to support my position. Years of learning to read and decipher the data have helped me develop a way to present facts to the public.



What is being missed here is how these “new” executive orders are not going to do anything to save lives. It could potentially be harmful to our children. We have first-hand professional experience in communities with high rates of restriction. There are ZERO opportunities for children’s education. This is why typically in these areas there are the highest rates of child mortality. The fear of becoming a potential criminal due to ever-changing laws. What was once legal now could be considered illegal due to the “newest” policy that is supposed to be the “one.” It’s always that next law or policy that is supposed to be the one that saves lives. In all reality it is a scam, these politicians cannot admit that their policies are a complete and utter failure. There are already an estimated 22,000 gun laws on the books nationally. Why do people still die? It’s because those who write these laws are arrogant, inept, and corrupt. They think that they have it all figured out, yet do not listen to those who have experience with viable, meaningful solutions. The truth is they don’t want solutions and quite frankly they want the carnage. They use the carnage to create public outrage mostly that is manufactured by their allies in the media. They then use the negative emotion to fundraise. I get 5 emails typically in the minutes after a deadly shooting from gun control groups. Often those fundraising emails are faster to reach me than the actual news reporting. It’s sad and maddening at the same time. There is a sinister agenda here at work in our country. Why is no one talking about education?

            One thing that we always continue to yell from the rooftops. Is when we restrict, regulate, and potentially confiscate firearms. We DO NOT educate our children. Parents tend to not talk to their children about the potential dangers of firearms. Many parents are often afraid that their children will potentially be asked by someone if they have firearms in their homes. I have seen reports of teachers or doctors asking very pointed questions to children about their parent’s firearms ownership. This is none of their business. I do recommend that you educate your children about your firearms, but instruct them to keep that information private. That is an issue for the family, not for those in a position of authority. Also a violation of HIPAA rights. We are definitely at a crossroads. The public seeks guidance, people need solutions. We are thankful to be in a position to do just that. We will continue pushing forward. We do not have billionaire financiers, we don’t have millions of followers. We do have a dedicated group of volunteers, support from the community, and most importantly we have the experience necessary to help effect change for the good in our country. We hope to be able to do just this. Thank you for your continued support for what we are trying to accomplish. We will keep working until we get to ZERO. Until next time. Be safe!




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