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Dec 1, 2023 | Blogs

We live in an age where information is coming at us all it seems, at light speed. People are getting information in different places. Often they are clips that are put together. Sometimes they lack context. It is quite easy for this type of information to go viral. There is an old saying that “if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth.” As a safety organization, we are seeing this happen in real time. This is a big challenge for us. It is very common for parents to come to class with a preconceived notion from a short video clip that they saw online and now that is the gospel. We work hard to produce information and content that is 1. Based on reality, 2. Factually correct. Part of the problem here is how all of our attention spans are so short and technology competes for our attention. The big tech algorithms push information not based on any sort of truth, but on what invokes the most emotional reactions. This is what pushes the information out to the masses. We, as people have become notoriously lazy. We don’t do our research and we are spoon-fed information. We could make the argument that all of this “bad” information is propaganda. The point of this information is to lay the groundwork for us to become a trusted resource for you reading this post. The content that we put out is factual and we take great pride in being able to provide solutions to the public.

education misinformation

One part of this problem is the money aspect. There is big money associated with the “Gun Safety” movement. It is hard to consider it “Gun Safety” because that word has been corrupted by those who are trying to seek to violate the civil rights of law-abiding citizens. The information that is put out by some of these groups is typically fear-based or has an emotional component to it. They have the infrastructure in place to create mass campaigns that are designed to emotionally control their followers. What is lacking in this situation is independent thought or critical thinking. Once again it circles back to the people’s lack of ability or want to do their research to analyze the data. Understanding how to read the data is very complex. There are different places where you can look. One place that we look is at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the FBI UCR among other places. Then you have to understand how they classify the data. This is where you have to be careful, it is easy to manipulate the data or tweak it so it benefits the narrative that you are trying to push. It is quite common for some organizations that omit parts of the data, they pick out the parts that they can exploit to serve their purposes.

This is what sets us apart. We believe data is something that can help tell part of the story if it is interpreted the way that it is designed. Data can point to trends, either up or down. It can show parts of the country that are failing or being successful regarding public safety. We believe that the education component isn’t promoted in the way that it should. Gun safety for children is critical. Proper education will help the data to trend down in certain demographics. As an organization, we focus on the most vulnerable of our society children and teens. We focus on having adult-type conversations in a way that our youngest citizens can comprehend. This is because our priority is saving the lives of the next generation. This will cause the data to trend down and this will benefit society. We strive to leave a lasting impact on the families that we meet. Guns are normal, they are here. They aren’t going anywhere, it’s far past time that we all coexist. Education is a way that we can bring people together. All that it takes is one hour of your time with our Kids Firearm Safety 1 class. This is a way to sit, watch, and take in a different perspective designed to help protect your children. I know this may be scary for some. It is the fear of the unknown that prevents some from learning more about firearms. It’s a difficult topic, I completely understand. What is even more scarier, is your child being hurt because you made the adult decision to NOT educate them properly. It is here that we implore you to put your preconceived notions aside for a moment and do something bigger than yourself. Teach your children gun safety, it is that important. It is the best decision that you can ever make for your family. It will help ensure that your children live long, happy, and successful lives.

We will keep pioneering new ways to reach the public to educate, entertain, and empower families to detach from all of the outside noise. I hope that this post resonates with you and gives you things to think about where you get your information from. We will always be here as a trusted source. We will always be straight and present the information less the emotion. This will help present the newest factual information. Until next time. Be safe!!


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