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Oct 22, 2021 | Blogs

There are a few venues we go to whenever we post a class on social media. The class explodes with registrations. One of these venues is at the Albany Police Department. We have been holding classes there for a few years now. Every time we hold a class there, they are always at capacity. It’s a great feeling to have the support of the community and from law enforcement. Pre covid we were there once per quarter, now that we’re back it feels great to have the same support from the community. If you aren’t aware the APD has quite the following across many different social media platforms. This helps spread the message about the important work that they are doing. It helps that they have the trust of the community. We are thankful to be working so closely with them. We hope to help build a bridge between the community and law enforcement. This is especially important for the next generations. Our children need to understand the important role law enforcement plays in our society. There is nothing to be afraid of and they don’t need to be defunded! It’s a very difficult job, especially today.

What is important about our relationship with the APD is it allows us to reach kids that we normally wouldn’t be able to. Even though it is only once per quarter, the community always shows up. The room is always electric. Some of my most fond memories have happened there. The parents of the Albany area understand what we are doing and what we are trying to accomplish. They see the value in gun safety training for their children. We appreciate that fact. It makes for a very comfortable and inviting environment. This helps us with the kids. Sometimes the topic of guns can be a scary thing for young kids. We are trying to change this. When they feel comfortable, it is easier for them to understand the principles of what we are teaching. These skills are important to learn from a very young age and we hope that it will help them live long, happy, successful lives. That all starts with that first conversation inside of the police department. We hope that families have an enjoyable experience and learn very important tips to help keep their children safe. We try to take the novelty away from the firearm and teach the kids that our firearms are tools, not toys.

In our classes, we also teach the importance of age-specific video games and how video games are introduced to children. Especially violent video games, at a young age. It can be harmful to young minds. There have been many scientific studies that have been done that violent video games make children more aggressive and they desensitize the kids to violence. We as a society are always quick to blame the “tool” instead of focusing on what led a person to that tragedy. Until we are honest with ourselves about how violent video games and other forms of media ie social media are affecting our kids. We will never have an honest discussion about viable solutions for our society. We would rather point fingers and kick the can down the road than have these important conversations. The problem with this is there are too many lives at stake to continue to be silent. We hope that the discussions that we have in our classes will help influence parents to understand the value of what we are covering. If we can make a small change for the good, this can help impact the lives of the kids positively. This will potentially save more lives than the alternative, nothing!

Another important part of our program is the Anti-bullying component. This is where we hope to teach the kids about empathy. We teach kids that everyone is unique and that is what makes us special. There is not a single person that is the same and this should be celebrated. The goal is to make them feel good and to let them know that it is ok to be an individual. We also want them to know what to do if they are ever bullied and how to handle that situation. We need to raise strong children, they are the future of this country. It is also important for them to be able to think for themselves and to use critical thinking skills. We also should be teaching our youth to “WIN!” There are no participation trophies in real life. You want your kid to be the best in the room. Not necessarily from a competition standpoint but, from a mindset point of view. We hope to teach them to be leaders and to help those that are in need. We are all humans and as parents, we can set good examples or fail. The choice is yours. Our children look to us for leadership inside of the home. It is very common for children to learn behaviors from their parents both good and bad. A little self-awareness and being able to reflect on your habits will go a long way to lead your family effectively. Believe it or not, being a parent is probably the most important job you can do to help save our Republic. Understanding that fact and figuring out how you can help is the first step.

In our classes, there are many learning lessons for all who join us. While our priority is the kids our focus is bringing the community together. Even if it is only for one hour, for that hour there is peace and unity. People from all walks of life come together with a common goal, the safety of their kids. We are grateful for the support from the Albany Police Department and the community of Albany. We can’t wait to see your families again. Until next time. Be Safe!




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