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Censorship Kills

Sep 24, 2021 | Blogs

In today’s day and age technology rules our world. We as a society have a symbiotic relationship with technology. Information is coming at us so fast, some information could be relevant other information could be misleading or divisive. Big tech is being used as a weapon to silence those who have differing opinions from the narrative that is being pushed at the time. It is always evolving and changing. Social media is quickly becoming a cancer in our world. What was once a cool way to connect with long-lost friends has now been weaponized against us. It has been used to affect politics, society, and most importantly our children. I remember a few years ago watching a Ted Talk on how Facebook was being called a “behavioral modification empire.” The speaker spoke about how Facebook was being used to control part of our population. What we need to realize is how the information that we consume, either good or bad, can affect us. It can change how we interact with others online, in person, and in our moods. It is very easy to become “addicted” to social media. What we need to realize is this chaos is all by design. The powers that be want us all focused on one thing so our attention is distracted from all that is going on in our country.

As a small safety organization, we don’t have a huge budget. We are all volunteers. We do not nor will we ever pay social media companies to promote our message. It is our view that social media is a necessary evil. We use the different platforms as a way to educate, entertain, and bring awareness to our important mission. The algorithms are constantly changing, we are increasingly censored because of our mission. This censorship affects the number of people that we can reach. Which in turn puts children at risk inadvertently or maybe on purpose. Restricting our ability to reach the public because you don’t agree with our position is maddening. While we might have a hard time proving the correlation between censorship and potential loss of life. Anecdotally it makes sense. We used to be able to reach upwards of 100k people per month, now we have been reduced to a few thousand. This affects the number of families that learn about what we do and how many come to join us for a class. All we want to do is to continue to serve our community. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into what we do. It takes funding and the ability to reach out to the public. Big tech censorship hurts all of this. We take our position very seriously and that is why we are careful with the information that we put out. We choose to remain moderate with the information that we put out. Our message will continue to remain positive, educational, and entertaining.

What is important for you to realize is that you are the fuel for our success. It is your likes, comments, and shares that help us spread our message far and wide. It is my suggestion that if you like what we do or others like us, engage with our pages. This is the only way that we can prevent from being silenced. It is different perspectives and points of view that make our society great. Being able to have civil conversations about what we believe in also is very important to our society. Being able to decipher information and form our own opinions. Free thinking is a dying art form and something that is underutilized, this is the problem with social media. They are trying to control how we think and feel. I think this is one of the most frustrating parts for me. I see things that interest me. I do my research, verify it, and make up my own opinions. It seems like a full-time job sometimes. You have to see what is the intention of the author, are they trying to be partisan? Are they trying to distract? Are they trying to be divisive? What is their agenda? If you can identify their intention, you will be in good shape. Remember to not take everything so seriously, this will help you control your blood pressure. Try to cut out influences that are toxic and focus on uplifting subjects.

We have to realize that as a society we are in a war for information. Either good or bad, depending on where you align politically. It’s chaos. We suffer as a result, we pass this fear and emotion to our children. Our children are already being influenced in their circles, most often to their detriment. We have to monitor what kind of information or media that they take in. We need to be observant of what happens in their schools. Here in Oregon, the school system has been corrupted and our children are being indoctrinated. I highly recommend that you attend school board meetings and be involved in your kid’s education. I got involved in safety many years ago because I was concerned about the future of the republic for the next generations. Some of the things that I have seen in my career are simply unacceptable. I’m blessed to be in a position to offer some solutions if I can get anyone to listen. That is the real struggle, so much to say without having the ability to do it because my voice is being restricted. We won’t stop though, our cause is righteous, and we have support from all of you. Together we will continue to speak our “truths.” They will come from a position of experience and perspective. They will be our guiding force for good. So no matter what your “lane” is. Find it, build your message, and go forth to make the difference that you see fit. We will continue to do the same. We need to support one another. Please remember that your likes, comments, and shares are the only way to defeat the big tech censorship. Until next time. Be safe!


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