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Aero Precision Returns For 2024

May 9, 2024 | Blogs

We are excited to officially announce that Aero Precision has returned for 2024 as the Title Sponsor of the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation. We are so thankful for their continued support of our program. We originally met the team of Aero Precision at an event back in 2018. Always being a fan of their products and the fact they were a company based in the Pacific Northwest, a partnership was a natural fit. In 2019 we brought them on as a sponsor, and they provided us with our first rifle. We use a customized M4E1 AR-15 in every Kids Firearm Safety 1 class where we can. It gives us the ability to talk about this important platform. The Ar-15 is arguably, “America’s rifle” and we have a candid conversation regarding this rifle. We talk about the parts, and how it functions. These conversations help us dispel any myths and present the audience with topical and factual information. It is in this type of comfortable learning environment, that the public can learn about a topic that they won’t learn anywhere else. You would be surprised how many young kids learn about the AR-15 from video games and we spend a lot of time correcting what they “think” they know. It is here, where the learning takes place and what our program truly unique. We couldn’t do the work that we do without the support of great companies like Aero Precision.

As our working relationship grew, we had the privilege of touring their facilities in Tacoma and the newest one in Lakewood, Washington. That was fun and exciting because we were able to see how the proverbial “sausage” is made. We were able to see firsthand how Aero Precision combines technology, with its people to produce a quality American-made product. There is a sense of pride that goes into the production of their rifles and it is impressive to watch in person. The best part of the tour is all of the robots. Aero Precision has harnessed technology in a way that can increase production while adhering to strict quality controls. This is a win-win for their customers. This gives us the chance to meet their team, network, and learn more about Aero Precision as a brand. It is a great honor to dawn the Aero logo and I take great pride in representing A.P. We catch up at different industry events like SHOT Show. It is fun to see all of their new and innovative products. It is their people that make all the difference.

Last year we added their newest offering to the market, the Solus bolt action rifle to all of our gun safety classes for kids. This gave us another tool to add to our “toolbox.” The funny part is how many young kids, often get their information from video games, and mistakenly believe that this rifle is a “sniper” rifle. No, and this is why we are glad you are here. Education is the most important thing that we do, being able to redirect and positively inform the public is how we are able for those who are in attendance to leave with a better understanding of the firearms that we discuss in class. For me, it has always been about normalizing the topic of gun safety. We have to be able to have these types of conversations, having the ability to demonstrate the functions of a bolt action rifle, especially one that is a conversation starter. Is a tremendous asset to the very many communities that we serve.

This year we are pleased to announce that our partnership with Aero Precision will be continuing in 2024. It is their investment in what we do as an organization, that directly impacts the children and families in all of the different areas that we travel to. We could NOT do what we do without great partners like A.P. We currently are at 29,000 kids reached in 5 states, but we are on a journey, not a destination. The work that we do will continue, we have a goal. That goal is to get to ZERO until we reach that number. We will continue to move forward, together! There is a saying that “teamwork makes the dream work.” It could be cliche, but we believe in having the right people in place and those people working on going in the same direction. Even if we are all in different lanes, we can effect change in a positive for generations to come. I am proud of my team and I am proud of the team that we have with our friends from Aero Precision. We look forward to what 2024 has in store for us all. Thank you Aero Precision for your continued support of the “work” to protect all of those kids out there. You all are heroes to the kids. Please help support those who help support us! You can find Aero Precision on all social media platforms, send them a note, and say thank you for the impact that they are involved in protecting the next generation. Lastly, you can find out more about Aero Precision on their website or make a purchase there of their many American-made products. ZERO firearm accidents is the only acceptable goal!!®



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