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Accident Prevention is Insurance

Nov 5, 2020 | Blogs

In the year 2020, having a firearm inside of your home is a necessary and “normal” thing. The pandemic and unrest have left many turning to a firearm for the protection of themselves and their families. We completely support this and advocate for those being able to exercise their 2A rights but, with rights come responsibilities. Especially if you have your children inside of your home.

About 90% of what we do is accident prevention. We typically work with kids starting as young as 4 years old. It is our goal to have effective conversations with families and young children to educate them on the potential dangers of an unsecured Firearm. Education is critical for young children. We hope to empower them to make good, safe decisions if they are ever put in a dangerous situation. There are an estimated 450 million firearms in the country as of right now and there have been nearly 19 million purchased so far this year. This is a record!!

The possibility of your child coming into contact with a firearm is higher. Do you know what your child WOULD do?  Are you willing to bet their life on that?  If you cannot unequivocally answer YES to either of those previous questions, education is right for your family. Safety education is an often overlooked part of society by those who fear or seek to restrict firearm ownership. What they don’t realize is how vulnerable young kids are if they lack critical lifesaving skills. We must educate our kids.

We teach every kid in our country how to swim because we don’t want them to drown. This is the same concept behind our Kids Firearm Safety program. Education for every kid, not just the ones with Firearms in their homes. We are currently translating our curriculum into different languages like Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and American Sign Language. The reason is there is ZERO education for these kids. Data proves that children of Latin descent have the highest mortality rate in the country due to a lack of education. This is a problem and we are trying to provide solutions to this very important topic.

Kids by nature are very inquisitive, especially between 3 and 4 years old. Young boys have a natural inclination for firearms, it could be from media or another experience they may have at a young age. This makes them more susceptible to an accident inside the home. I have a really hard time accepting the term “accident,” though. It’s negligence, how did that kid come across an unsecured Firearm?  Why was that child not properly educated?

Education for your children is very easy, it comes down to being able to explain simple directions and for you to use repetition to reinforce good habits. There are four steps we want your children to know: 1. STOP!, 2. DON’T TOUCH!, 3. RUNAWAY!!   4. TELL A GROWN UP!! These 4 rules are easy to understand and follow. It will save their lives, we have ave had a few kids that have been through our program that have encountered an unsecured firearm. They knew what to do and their lives were saved. Guns are normal and normal conversations with your kids teach safety. The goal is to teach safety, discipline, and respect regarding firearms. We must teach respect over fear. When they fear firearms it can be counterproductive to their safety, fear can cause them to make a tragic mistake. Education is the way going forward.

Another component of what we do is our anti-bullying piece. It is part of our classes and the goal is to make sure our kids know what to do if they were put in a potentially dangerous situation. Kids can be cruel so they must know what to do. We would like to see them look out for other kids as well. We hope to teach them to be future leaders. Empathy is an important trait to instill.

In closing an investment of one hour of your time with one of our Kids Firearm Safety Classes is a payment on the insurance when it comes to the safety of your children. We hope they live long, happy, healthy, and successful lives. Until next time. Be safe!!


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